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Sharon Terry
  • Science
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  • Supplies for science
    Supplies for Science are the following: Binder with notebook paper, pencils, pen either blue or black ink, red pen for corrections, colored pencils, ruler, science journal, either a spiral or a composition book. These should be brought to class every day with no reminders or returns to the locker to get them.
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  • What Parents Need to Know
    1. I have a No Late Work policy. All work is to be turned in on the required due date. If you child is struggling with any work that is homework or classwork all they need to do is turn in what they have done with a note written on the top that they need extra time and I will allow them the extra time. They will be required to explain to me what they did not understand in order to complete the work so I can then explain things to them on a 1 to 1 interaction. It would be best if they would stay after school with me to complete the work. 2. If ever an emergency arises at home that prohibits your child from doing homework for me would you please attach a note to their work stating this so I can give them extended time to complete the work without losing credit for the work.
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