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      Vocational Experiences - EnclavesWHAT IS ENCLAVE?

      An enclave is comprised of a small group of students who work in a community setting under the supervision of a school district employee.  The enclave leader teaches the student employees discrete skills needed for the job and, at a same time, models and reinforces appropriate work habits and attitudes.  The enclave leader may be "faded out" if the students environment is supportive and participants agree that the student is ready for independent experiences.
      Enclaves are win-win situation for students and the host employers.  The students gain valuable work experiences, while the host employers gain additional support to get job done! our program is very grateful for the experiences our community employers are willing to provide us.


      - Spaghetti Factory (same description)
      - Safeway - Bakery help, produce stocking, clerk assistant, customer service
      - (no G.I. Joe's) - please to not add.
      - (no Madison Factory) - please do not add
      - Community Health Education Center - Janitorial work, kitchen help/food cart preparation, organizing and resetting rooms for conferences, office work including creating packets with variety of information.
      - Beauty Salon - Cleaning and helper.
      - Public Library - Filing books, CD's and DVD's by ABC, organizing/lining books on selves, cleaning.
      - Adult Center - Kitchen help and food preparation.
      - Piece work/production work practice - creating packets, sorting items, counting items, assembling items.


      The goal of the program is to find host sites that can provide work experiences specific" for our transition students interest and matching their long term goals.  Our enclave students are able, to have a stamina, to work consistently minimum of two hours.  School employees will support the students, and ensures the growth and development.


      Good work skills, presentable appearance and acceptable behavior will be reinforced daily!


      Work, flexibility and respect for our good effort and each other!
        Reflecting on my own classroom.How can I best design instruction that promotes thinking?
        Interest related - "hot topic", clear directions, clear structure, safe (help if needed is avilable).  

        Option #2: What thinking look like in my classroom?
        Most students do not feel comfortable to do independent thinking.  It seems that there is always fear of being wrong and giving a wrong answer.  It takes time for our students to feel comfortable to produce independent opinion and it takes even more time to produce it publicly.

        Option #3: What questions can lead/help with thinking?
        All "W" questions have been very helpful.  We use them as "tour guides" to help them to promote independent thinking.
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