10/2 and 10/310/2

DME- Riddle/Brainteaser
Finish reading "Night Drive" and work on I.C.E. paragraph.-due tomorrow.
All Late Work due tomorrow.
Unit Test- tomorrow.

I.C.E. paragraph due
Unit Test
All late work due
DME- novel summary
10/2 and 10/3Read "The Crucible" Act 1 to page 11.
Worked on Socratic Circle questions.
Questions/Circle discussion tomorrow.

Socratic Circle discussion. QUestions turned in.

Read through page 34 in The Crucible for Monday.
9/29McCarthyism presentations due
Check out The Crucible book from library

McCarthyism quiz tomorrow
Read "The Scarlet Ibis" pg. 484
Reading Strategy/Literary Term handout
Unit Test on Friday
ALL LATE WORK from short story unit DUE FRIDAY!
9/24/14Presented and turned in Puritan Plain Poem

Broke into groups for McCarthyism/The Crucible intro presentation

Presentation due Friday.
Read in partners- "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"
finished 5 senses and Setting handout

Literary Terms test on Friday.
9/23/14Finished and peer edited "Of Plymouth Plantation" ICE paragraph.

Introduced Puritan Plain Poem- poem due tomorrow with an illustration
9/23/14DME- Idiom
" A chip on my shoulder"

Finished "The Necklace" vocabulary and questions handouts.- turned in

Started to read "The Man to Send Rain Clouds" pg522
Discussed Setting and the Reading strategy- Five Senses
9/22Novel reading
I.C.E. paragraph formatting
from "Of Plymouth Plantation"- I.C.E. paragraph answering one of the following questions

How does Bradford’s description of the few who were not inflicted by disease, reflect his moral values?

How would you characterize the Pilgrims’ reactions to the hardships that they encountered during their first winter in Plymouth?

9/22 Novel reading
DME- define cultural background pg 521 in text
"The Necklace" vocabulary handout- finish
"The Necklace" short answers- finish back

Literary Terms test on Friday
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