Reading1. Read The Giving Tree

    2. Open your Writers' Notebook & start a new page after the Reading Skills Page called 'The Giving Tree'
    Write the following words & then define them:

    3. Write the following questions and then answer them:
    Describe the relationship b/w the boy and the tree.
    Does the tree show the boy unconditional love? Explain your answer.
    Do you have a relationship with anyone which involves such selflessness?
    What is the theme or moral of this book?
      Towers Puzzle
      Point of View
      Crack Hacker's Safe
      Math Olympics
      Math Millionaire
      Brain Benders
        Reading1. What is your definition of 'bullying'?
        2. What do bullies do? (What are their behaviors)
        3. How does it make kids feel?
        4. How do some witnesses react?
        5. What are the most effective ways witnesses could react?
        6. Have you been a bully or bullied? What did you learn from it?
          Video #1: Typhoons Explained
          Video #2: ABC News "Typhoon Haiyan Recovery"

          Caffeine & Kids
          TFK Article: "Caffeine Craze"
          Article: "Kids and Coffee"
          Video: "Too Much Caffeine" (Stop video @ 2:15 and begin your assignment)

          PBS Kids Cheating Article

          Antarctic Adventure
          Video: Penguin Science

          Video: Tracking Space Debris
            ScienceThe Energy Story
            Fossil Fuels
              ResearchWorld Book Online (Students)
              World Book Online (Kids)
              Sweet Search
                MathematicsLessons to help you at home: Fractions By Zeebo!

                Fractions Part 1: Successfully complete 3 red squares and 3 blue squares.
                Need a challenge? Click on the Number Box to add green and purple squares.
                Fraction Sorter
                Also, try Fraction Finder
                Then, attempt the Bitesize Fraction Comparing

                Fractions Part 2:
                Comparing Fractions
                Reducing Fractions (To Simplest Form)
                Quiz yourself only on "Comparing Fractions" and "Reducing Fractions" Fraction Quiz yourself before playing Fraction Connect Four

                Fractions Part 3 (5-10 Minutes Each):
                Improper Fractions
                Mixed Numbers
                Now, you're ready to: Find Grampy

                Fractions Part 4:
                Adding Fractions
                Subtracting Fractions
                Quiz yourself only on "Adding and Subtracting Fractions" Fraction Quiz yourself before playing Fraction Connect Four

                  World HolidaysChinese New Year- A Buddhist Celebration!

                  Add information to your Chinese New Year web, using the following links:
                  Chinese New Year for Kids
                  Chinese New Year Yahoo Kids
                  Chinese New Year Wikipedia
                    World HolidaysChanukkah- A Jewish Celebration!

                    Session 1: Add information to your Chanukkah web, using the following links:
                    The Story of Chanukkah
                    The Chanukkah Menorah
                    Playing Dreidel
                    Chanukah: Basic Concepts And Laws

                    Session 2:
                    Word Search
                    Hanukkah Video
                      World HolidaysKwanzaa- An African American Celebration!

                      Watch the video and check out the photo gallery:
                      History Channel

                      Read the introduction page and then use the left sidebar links (principles, symbols, etc>):
                      Official Kwanzaa Website
                        World HolidaysRamadan and Eid- Islamic Celebrations!

                        Session 1: Add information to your Islam web, using the following links:
                        Ramadan- An Islamic Tradition
                        Eid-Ul-Fitr (only read the first 3 paragraphs)
                        Eid- An Islamic (Muslim) Celebration
                          World HolidaysDiwali- A Hindu Celebration!

                          Add information to your web using the following links:
                          Diwali, the Festival of Lights
                          Diwali (At the bottom, learn how other countries celebrate.)
                          Diwali Story
                          Diwali for Kids

                          Diwali Video
                            World HolidaysFind 'Good Morning' in your language. Use 'Good-bye' in your language at the end of the announcements.
                            'Good Morning' Translations
                            'Good-bye' Translations

                              TechnologyYouTube Prezi Tutorials:
                              Tutorial #1
                              Tutorial #2

                              Prezi Website
                              (Your login & password are the same as your Google Docs)
                                MathematicsKhan Academy
                                1. Click on 'Login' in the upper right hand corner.
                                2. Your username is either your Google Username (minus all the @stu... stuff) or it's written on the inside of your Nath Notebook
                                3. Password: Sleeper
                                  Mathematics3D links:
                                  Point of View
                                  Interactivate: Volume (and Surface Area)

                                  Video: Area of a Triangle
                                  Khan: Areas of Triangles practice
                                  Interactivate: Triangle Explorer
                                  MathematicsDivision 2

                                  Activity #1. Division Math-O
                                  "Easy" level. Multiplication and Division. Multiple Choice

                                  Activity #2. Please do 5 problems from 'H7', 'H8', and 'H9' on ixl

                                  Activity #3
                                  Long Division Mental Math

                                  Activity #4. "Easy" level. Multiplication and Division. Try 10 problems and press "Stop Game" at the end.
                                  90% accuracy or better? "Medium" level (paper & pencil, no calculator). If not, start a new game and do 10 problems on that same level.
                                  80% accuracy on the "Medium" level? "Hard" level (paper & pencil, no calculator).
                                  80% accuracy on the "Hard" level? "Expert" level. (paper & pencil, no calculator).
                                  Show Mr. Sleeper once you've made it to the "Expert" level. Good luck! Multiple Choice
                                  MathematicsDivision 1
                                  (You made it to the homework! Don't forget to get that signature. Need a challenge? Try timing yourself to see how many you can do in a minute... or challenge a parent to Connect 4.)

                                  Activity #1:
                                  Click on any of the following links to test your math fact division skills...
                                  Flashcard Practice (Level 1, Whole Number Division, Time Limit: Your Choice)
                                  Division Facts Mental Math
                                  Division Facts

                                  Activity #2:
                                  You can scroll down & do 10 problems from 'H2': IXL

                                  Activity #3:
                                  You can play the game below against a partner.
                                  Expectations: Difficulty Level 1 and 'Whole Number Division' only; you choose the time limit.
                                  Arithmetic Connect Four
                                    MathematicsUnit 1:
                                    Order of Operations Practice (Click on the parentheses box)
                                    Order of Operations Connect 4

                                    Videos (in case you need extra help):
                                    PEMDAS Video
                                    Writing Algebraic Expressions Video
                                      MathematicsMultiplication 4

                                      Activity #1. Scroll down & do 5 problems from 'F4' and 5 problems from 'F5': IXL

                                      Activity #2. Use mental multiplication to find the missing factor:
                                      Mental Algebra

                                      Activity #3. You choose the time limit. I expect... Answer: 'Close' or 'Really Close'; Difficulty: Level 1; Problem Type: Multiplication. Estimator Connect Four

                                      Activity #4. Scroll down & do 5 problems from 'F9': IXL

                                      Activity #5. Calculators out the window, use paper and pencil to solve:
                                      Multiplication Problems

                                      Activity #6. Scroll down & do 5 problems from 'F2' and 5 problems from 'F13': IXL
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