Strategic LA IB4/8/13: This week: Read choice novel in class. We are celebrating April as National Poetry Month! Continue discussing Poets Maya Angelou and Desmond Egan and listening/reading Imagine Dragons song lyrics. What is metaphor and what is simile? Continue drafting name essay and asking and answering what are metaphors and similes for my own name.
      English I B3/5/13: Finish reading and discussing Act III of R & J. Define/identify: aside, soliloquy, and monologue. Act III quiz and vocabulary quiz on Wednesday. Sonnet project is due Thursday. Work diligently on paraphrasing your sonnet.
        American Lit. B3/5/13: Continue with modernism short stories this week. Turn in quotes and themes written discussion. The Grapes of Wrath group presentations Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring red textbooks to class everyday.
          American Literature B2/13/13: Compare and contrast Tom Joad--Mumford and Sons and Springsteen lyrics. Group discussion-setting, motifs, themes, symbolism, etc. Continue to adhere to reading schedule for The Grapes of Wrath: 3-day weekend to catch up.
          Due today: direct/indirect character quotes. Due Thursday: 1-12 discussion questions. Due Friday: 13-19 discussion questions.
            American Lit. B1/30/13: Turn in Modernism Writer Collage. Continue discussion on T.S. Eliot and "The Love Song...." and Imagism. Modernism and Imagism quiz on Thursday. Three original Imagist poems due Friday.
              English I B1/30/13: Check persuasive outline and continue to draft paragraphs. Writer's wkshp today and tomorrow. Final, typed persuasive draft is due this Friday.
                American Literature B1/17/13: Finish Paul Lawrence Dunbar discussion and homework/turn in. "I Wear the Mask" poem is due Friday. Continue Mark Twain notes and read "Jumping Frog" story.
                  English I B1/17/13: Turn in Animal Farm test and essay. Discuss AF literature terms/hand in. Brainstorm Persuasive topics and writer's workshop.
                    American Literature B1/9/13: Continue reading and analyzing Civil War diaries. Discussion questions due Thursday and Friday. Human rights paper and article due Friday. Vocabulary quiz on Monday.
                      English I A1/9/13: Discuss Animal Farm, chapter 7. Turn in 5-7 chapter questions and graphic organizer. Read/discuss chapter 8. Vocabulary quiz this Friday. Review guidelines for AF storyboard, due Wednesday, January 16.
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