ODS linksOutdoor School related concept ideas
Below are a variety of sites that are connected to what we will be learning about at outdoor school

Build a Prairie - help restore a prairie (a natural ecosystem)
Wild Kratts - yes, it may seem a bit cheesy and young, but does contain much information and kid friendly activities
Ecokids - various links containing games and information

Camouflage game sites
animal site #1 - cheesy Dr. Seuss site where you need to find hidden animals.
animal site #2 - click on one of the animals in the large box and there will be several

Adaptation sites
wildlife adaptions - identify adaptations of different animals and plants from different regions of the world. Need to scroll to the bottom of the screen to log in and play.

Adaptation video
octopus adaptations - short video about an octopus hiding, moving, eating

Water Cycle sites
background info
steps of water cycle - interactive site to learn more about the steps of the water cycle
Greek WebsitesBelow are links to various Greek myths as well as gods and goddesses. There are many more sites available.

Greek gods, goddesses, and mythology links
Egypt ProjectStudents will be working on creating two different projects, of their choosing, about two different topics, also of their choosing, about ancient Egypt. Linked below is a suggested list of topics as well as instructions and rubrics for the different topics.

Possible Topics
Project instructions and rubrics
Mummy WebsitesListed below are a few sites I found that might be interesting when learning about mummies, specifically ancient Egyptian mummies. Some just provide information while others incorporate online interactive activities.

National Geographic Kids

Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egypt Info - background information

Making a Mummy - online activity
Egypt WebsitesAncient Egypt Resources

On the title of the page below, there are several websites that provide information on different topics of Egypt. Simply open up the file and click on any of the links.

Egyptian websites

Other websites that might be useful:
Egypt Flash Cards - interactive flash cards, can hear word pronounced, has the word on one side and the description/definition on the other
Daily Life - OPB
Egyptian gods and goddesses
Variety of topics and links
5 Famous Ancient Egyptians

Video sites that could be of interest:
NeoK12 - contains a variety of videos and activities
History of Great Pyramid - from the History Channel
Tombs of Ancient Egypt - from National Geographic for Kids
Variety of Egyptian Topics - from website "WatchKnowLearn"
S.S.Greece Websites

Below are various links and websites about Greece that a person may find interesting or useful.

Myths & Religion - a link to a variety of sources about myths, gods and goddesses, and heroes of ancient Greece
Olympians - a slide show of the 12 main gods of ancient Greece - the Olympians

Polis of ancient Greece
Polis of ancient Greece #2

General information - from the British Museum (a great website!)
General information - contains pages for many topics
General information - a slide show containing information about ancient and present Greece
10 facts of ancient Greece - from National Geographic Kids

Art and architecture
Art periods of ancient Greece
Energy ActivitiesListed below are some energy links that can aid in the understanding of energy. The activities are mostly interactive, thus they can be done online. Enjoy.

Energy Sources
EIA Kids - great site for information

Nonrenewable and Renewable Energy
Advantages and Disadvantages

Energy Types
Introduction to energy types

General - including activities and games
science museum activities
Energy Monkeys
Watt's the Matter quiz show
Various games and activities
Ohio State Energy activities
    Novel StudiesBelow are links to the different assignments for our novel study. They will be updated when assignments are given, so please check this page regularly. The specific dates for when they are given are posted weekly on my calendar.

    Lion… Timeline
    Lion… Ch 1-4 ?'s
    Lion… Ch 5-8 ?'s

    Loser Timeline
    Loser Ch 1-4 ?'s
    Loser Ch 5-11 ?'s

    Things Not Seen Timeline
    Things Ch 1-4 ?'s
    Things Ch 5-11 ?'s
    Engineering and DesignStudents will be designing and constructing a project connected to a real life problem they are going to research before coming up with a solution.

    Engineering & Design Instructions

    Engineering & Design Template
    Geology RocksBelow are links to the instructions for the Geology Rocks project as well as a link for resources that could be helpful when researching. All projects are due by Friday, 3/8. Projects can be turned in as completed instead of waiting till final due date.

    Geology Rocks Instructions
    Geology Websites
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