Math Story Problems 11/17/11

1. At a carnival, it costs $2 to play each game and $3 for each ride ticket. Sandy spent $17 at a carnival. What is the largest number of ride tickets she could have purchased?

2. Harry has 14 cents in his pocket. How many different combinations of coins could he have in his pocket if there are at least two different types of coins (pennies, nickels, and dimes).

From Math Word Problems in 15 Minutes a Day by Learning Express
Wet Dog PhysicsRead the article below and answer the following questions:

How does shaking water off of them help an animal survive?

How is shaking different for big animals versus small animals?

How did scientists figure this out?

What are scientists still wondering about?

What would happen to an animal that couldn't shake the water off?

Wet Dog Physics

Math Word Problems 11/15/111. A survey was given to Ms. Sarich's class about the pets they have. Of the 25 students in the class, 10 have a dog,12 have a cat, and 5 do not have either pet. How many students in the class have both a dog and a cat?

2. Peter, Brenda and Mike are three siblings in the same family and each likes a different color: red, blue and green. Brenda's brother likes red. Blue was Mike's favorite color, but now he likes green. Which color does each person like?
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Most Frequent Words in English


1. Google: Homophone Word List pdf
2. The first choice should say www.carlscorner....
3. Click on that and save to iBooks or save to home screen to add to the word reference folder.
Math Story Problems 11/14/11
1. Of 65 5th graders at a school, 40 play the flute and 30 play the trumpet. If 18 students play both the flute and the trumpet, how many 5th graders do not play either instrument.

2. At a middle school, there are 75 students in drama club and 80 students in ski club. If 35 students participate in both drama club and ski club, how many students participate in only the ski club?

Problems from Math Word Problems in 15 Minutes a Day by Learning Express.
Math Story Problems 11/7/11

1. What is the total number of ways that five different books can be arranged on a shelf?

2. Joe has 1045 books. He is going to the store to buy bookshelves for the books. Each bookshelf can fit 250 books. How many book shelves does he need to buy to fit all of the books? If each book shelf cost $150, how much money will he spend?

First problem from Math Word Problems in 15 Minutes a Day by Learning Express.
Math Story Problems 11/3/11
1. Six adults and five students are going to a show. If adult tickets cost $7.50 each and student tickets cost $5.25 each, how much money will the group spend on tickets?

2. If a car moving at a constant rate travels 385 miles in 7 hours, what is the rate of the car in miles per hour?

Story problems from Math Word Problem in 15 Minutes a Day by Learning Express
Math Story Problem 11/1/11
1. Curtis wants to paint the ceiling of a room that has a length of 16 feet and a width of 10 feet. If one can of paint will cover 75 square feet, what is the minimum number of cans of paint that he needs to buy?

2. A child is playing with blocks. There are twice as many green blocks as red blocks. The number of blue blocks is five more than the number of red blocks. If there are 15 blue blocks, how many blocks of each color are there?
Math Story Problem 10/31/11

1. Joseph bought 8 gallons of gasoline for $25.92. How much would it cost him to buy 15 gallons of gasoline?

2. There are 193 students going on a school trip. If each bus can fit 51 students, what is the least number of buses needed for the trip?
Energy/Dam Expert Groups Key WordsAn Eye on Energy

Giant Dams

The Power of the Wind

Three Gorges Dam

Math Story Problems for Tue, 10/18Tuesday, October 18th

1. Gail is a member of the student council. There are 30 student council members. If there are 2 members from each classroom, how many classrooms are there?

2. Edison also made films, or movies, on Kinetoscopes. Only one person could see the film at a time and it cost 5¢. Today a movie ticket costs about $10. How many of Edison's films could a person watch for the price of a movie ticket today.
Math Story Problems for Mon, 10/17Monday, October 17th

1. Dan uses 5 sheets of lined paper each day of school. He has 120 sheets of paper left over from last year. How many days will this paper last?

2. Thomas Alva Edison was one of the most important inventors in the United States. His first light bulb stayed lit for 40 hours. Today a typical light bulb can stay lit for 1,000 hours. How many of Edison's bulbs would burn out before on of today's light bulbs burns out?

Energy/Dam Expert Groups Pre-reading AssignmentEnergy/Dam Pre-reading Assignment
Math Story Problems 10/10 to 10/13/11Complete all the problems below. In each problem, figure out if there is a remainder or not. If so, determine what should be done with the remainder.

1. You have a rope that is 25 feet long. How many 8-foot jump ropes can you make?

2. You have 30 toys to share fairly with 7 children. How many will each child receive?

3. The ferry can hold 8 cars. How many trips will it have to make to carry 42 cars across the river?

4. Six children are planning to share a bag of 50 cookies. About how many will each get?

5. You have a 10-foot wooden board that you want to cut into 4 pieces. How long will each piece be?

6. Kenny picked 14 quarts of blueberries to make jam. Each batch of jam uses 3 quarts of berries. How many quarts of blueberries will Kenny have left for muffins.

7. At the local supermarket, 3 cans of tomatoes are advertised for $3.89. Jasmine buys only one can. How much does the can of tomatoes cost?
10/7/11 Math Story Problem

Cara plans to spend 1 day per week working on her social studies paper,
which is due in 4 weeks. If the social studies paper is 8 pages long,
how many pages will she write per day until it is finished?

1. Visualize
2. Make connections
3. As questions
4. Make a plan
5. Create a representation
6. Solve
7. Check your answer
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Literature Standards
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Literature Standards

Newsletter October#1Newsletter October 1
newsletter Días escolares
Noticias de la clase de kinder de la Señorita Gorbett
Semana de 22-26
Hoy empezaremos actividades con el color azul, la forma del triángulo y el número dos. Su hijo se quedará conmigo para la clase de lectura.
Vístete en ropa azul hoy.
Trae algo azul a la clase hoy. Ponlo en tu mochila y guárdalo como una sorpresa. Lo compartiremos en la clase.
Hoy vamos a la biblioteca por primera vez. De hoy en adelante vamos todos los jueves. Cuando su hijo/a lleva un libro a la casa, necesita devolverlo los jueves en la misma bolsa que llevó a la casa. Favor de no tirar la bolsa. Ellos ayudan a mantener el libro limpio.
Estamos haciendo patrones en la clase de matemáticas..
Otra información
El jueves hay una reunion para padres de los grados 1-5. Nos reunimos al principio del año entonces ahora no vamos a reunirnos otra vez.
School Days
News from Miss Gorbett’s Kindergarten Class
Week of September 22-26
Today we will begin activities with the color blue, the shape triangle, and the number 2. Reading block begins today. Your child will be going to Mrs. Burdett’s class.
Wear as much blue as you can today.
Bring something blue to class today. Put it in your backpack and keep it a surprise. We will share it in class.
Today will be our first day to go to the library. We will be going each Thursday. When your child brings home a book it needs to be returned on Thursday in the plastic bag it comes home in. Please do not throw away the bags. They help to keep the books clean.
We are working on making patterns in our Math time.
Other Information
On Thursday there will be a parent night for grades 1-5. We already had a parent night in kindergarten at the beginning of the year so we will not be meeting with you at this time.
The office tried to call everyone who asked for their child to have lunch at school. Some of you were not home so messages were left. I just want to make sure you understand what is happening. The busses are not arriving on time for the children to eat in the cafeteria so we are picking up a sack lunch and as soon as they come into the room they are eating the lunch. Every day they will be receiving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a snack, a fruit and juice. Whatever is left over from the lunch will come home with your child so you know what is being eaten here at school. If you want your child to have a hot lunch you can bring them in. We do need to know ahead of time, however, as the lunch bags are prepared in the morning and you would run the risk of paying double. I am so sorry that we can’t make better arrangements for your child but the tight schedule doesn’t permit it.
Melissa Violeta (Truax) Reid
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