Endangered Species InformationWebsites to help with research on endangered animals throughout the world.

    Endangered Species Throughout the World

    World Wildlife Foundation

    WIld Kratts Creature Information

    Animal Facts for Kids

    Enchanted Learning

    Endaraged Species Information

    Endangered Animal Videos

      Global IssuesGloabl Issues for Kids


      World Hunger Facts

      Stop Hunger Now

      World Hunger

      Stop Bullying

      Bullying Statistics

      Bullying Fast Facts

      Ebola in Africa

      Ebola Crisis

      World Health Organization

      End Genocide

      Genocide Watch

      Human Rights

      CDC Info on Obesity

      American Hearth Association

      Obesity Epidemic

      Global Warming:
      Global Warming

      More on Global Warming

      EPA on Climate Change

        State InformationUS Mint for Kids

        State Census Data

        State Information from Ben's Guide

        State Websites

        This State of Mine

          Once Upon a Storm Scholastic Natural Disaster Information

          How to Prepare for Storms

          Weather Information for Kids

          Kid Storm

          WorldBook Online

          Weather Video Clips
            Career ResearchHere are two websites with information about possible careers. After looking through the choices, choose one to research and take notes on to share with the class.

            Careers by Topic

            Career Videos
            Ninety-One School
            Your Blog
            My Calendar
            School Calendar