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      Lewis and Clark WebsitesUse your knowledge to help Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

      Go West with Lewis and Clark

      Other Lewis and Clark Websites:

      Test your packing skills

      PBS Information on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

      Lewis and Clark Jeopardy

      Information on the Lewis and Clark Expedition:

      WorldBook Student

      National Park Service
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            Desert Animal WebsitesHere are some websites with information on desert animals.

            Avenues Website
            This has information on the fennec fox.

            Enchanted Learning
            This website has information about the fennec fox, roadrunner, rattlesnake, and jackrabbit.

            Sonoran Desert Animals This site has information about animals that call the Sonoran Desert home.

            Desert Animals
            Find out about jackrabbits and camels.

            Desert Animal Fact Cards
            This site has basic facts about roadrunners and scorpions.

            National Geographic Kids This site has facts and videos about all the desert animals.

            World Book Online
            This online Encyclopedia has information and videos about all the desert animals.

            Desert Animals This has information about most of the desert animals.

            Enjoy learning about the animals that call the desert home!
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