Wind Ensemble Rehearsal Plan
7...........Tuesday.........3:00 - 4:30 ?.....Brass

8...........Wednesday.....5:30 - 7:00 ?....Woodwinds

9...........Thursday........3:00 - 4:30 ?....Percussion

10.........Friday.............6:00 - 9:00......Full Wind Ensemble
TRL Band Festival on 4/14/15
The TRL Band festival will be held at Lakeridge High School on Tuesday, April 14th. The performance judges will be Paul Nickolas, Ben Brooks and Chuck Bolton, with sightreading judge Dan Foster. The stage performance times are as follows: (warmup is a half hour before the listed time, sightreading a half hour after)

2:00 Lakeridge
2:30 West Linn
3:00 Tigard
3:30 Lake Oswego
4:00 Newberg
4:30 Tualatin
5:00 Canby
5:30 Sherwood

Warm up will be in the choir room, sightreading in the band room, and there will be student guides to help with the flow of traffic throughout the wing. Registration and instrument storage will be in the auditorium lobby, on the west side of the building via the Performing Arts entrance to the parking lot.

On stage, there will be a bass drum, marimba, xylo, vibes, chimes, suspended cymbal, grand piano (if needed), four timpani and a podium.

Please listen to all the bands! More important than competition is the community of support for making music. Be great audience members and applaud loudly!
BASIE, STRAIGHT AHEAD listening file
"Sing Sing Sing" Listening File
SING SING SING performed by Benny Goodman

Lyrics by Louie Prima
Sing, sing, sing, sing
Everybody start to sing
La dee da, ho, ho, ho
Now you're singing with a swing

Sing, sing, sing, sing
Everybody start to sing
La dee da, ho, ho, ho
Now you're singing with a swing

And when the music goes around
Everybody goes to town
But here's something you should know
Ho ho baby ho ho ho

Sing, sing, sing, sing
Everybody start to sing
La dee da, ho, ho, ho
Now you're singing with a swing

And when the music goes around
Everybody goes to town
But here's something you should know
Ho ho baby ho ho ho

Sing, sing, sing, sing
Everybody start to sing
La dee da, ho, ho, ho
Now you're singing with a swing

CCC Festival Timeline: 3/10/15
9:45..........Call Time at CHS band room
10:00........Rehearsal begins
11:30........Change and load bus
11:45........Depart for Izzy's or other fast food restaurant in the mall
1:20..........Load bus and depart for CCC
2:40..........Canby Performance
3:20..........Sight Reading
4:00..........Load bus and depart for CHS
4:45..........Arrive at CHS
The festival will take place at Molalla High School on Saturday, February 21st. The schedule for Canby students is as follows:

Ben Davies..........Alto Sax.....12:40 p.m.....Pow Wow Room

Emily Rumpca.....Tuba............3:50 p.m.....Band Room
TOCCATA FOR BAND: listening file
We are tentatively planning to take the CHS Bands to a competitive music festival in Santa Clara, California from April 23 through 26, 2015, pending District approval. This festival is sponsored and organized by “Music in the Parks”, a group our District band programs have used with great success for many years. This organization has over 25 years of experience in providing well-organized festivals for middle and high school students at 22 locations across the U.S. We’d like every band member to participate in this great musical experience if possible, so we’re sending this letter for the purpose of providing you with the details necessary for you to plan ahead.

This trip will provide a competitive opportunity for our band in addition to the trip. The competition is structured as a learning experience, and uses nationally known adjudicators. They will provide us with taped and written comments on our performances to help improve future performances, and will be eligible for trophies as well.

The projected cost of the trip at this time is estimated to be $295.00 per student or adult.
This includes:
• Round trip bus transportation
• 3 nights hotel accommodations
• Meals included where indicated
• Admission to Great America Theme Park
• Festival Awards and Souvenirs

We are finalizing our costs, but we estimate students will need to bring money for 4 lunch stops and 1 dinner stop. There should be no other expenses.

Fund Raisers
We have already had the summer fireworks booth sale this year to help students raise money for the trip. We also provided opportunities to raise money by helping with the Trailband Concert (11/26/10. These events are sponsored by the Canby Music Boosters to help students defray part of their expenses. You, as adults, may also raise money by working through the school in the refreshment stands at Portland Rose Quarter events such as Blazer games.

Each student (or their family) that participates in any fundraising activity is eligible for a scholarship which may be used to cover some or all of the cost of the festival. The amount awarded is determined by the amount of your fund raising participation. If the student does not attend the festival but has helped with fundraising, they may be awarded a scholarship for future trips or band related activities/fees. (Because the money is earned under a non-profit status, it is illegal to return any fundraiser money to the students or family). Money from sources other than fundraisers (such as money paid directly by you) is refundable until April 3, at which time we are obligated to pay all invoices. There are no refunds after that date.

The payment schedule is outlined below. You can follow it, use money already credited to your student in the Booster accounts, plan to make payments as indicated below, or fundraise and make payments as needed to reach the total amount by the due dates indicated. (Make checks payable to Canby Music Boosters with memo, "Music trip". It will be credited to your student)

Just in case you have an urge to travel too, we need adult chaperones, and parents are encouraged to attend! The cost is the same as for students. We strongly believe the adults have as much fun as the students do. You will receive much more information regarding this trip as it approaches, and there will be a parent meeting in early April to provide final details.

2015 Payment Schedule
(Fundraised or paid by this date)

March 1 $100.00
March 15 $100.00
April 1 $ 95.00

Thursday, April 23
8:00 AM Load Bus
8:30 AM Depart CHS
1:15 PM Lunch Stop (Medford)
5:00 PM Arrive at Super 8 Redding 5175 Churn Creek Rd Redding, CA 96002
6:45 PM Load Bus
7:00 PM Depart for Dinner** – Home Town Buffet (1380 Churn Creek Road)
8:15 PM Load Bus - Return for Hotel

Friday, April 24
6:00 AM Breakfast at Hotel**
8:00 AM Load Bus
8:30 AM Depart Hotel
12:00 PM Lunch Stop (Cordelia)
2:15 PM Arrive Embassy Suites-Silicon Valley 901 East Calaveras Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 942-0400
6:00 PM Load Bus
6:15 PM Depart for Dinner
8:45 PM Load Buses—return to Hotel

Saturday, April 25
7:00 AM Breakfast at Hotel**
7:30 AM Load Bus
7:45 AM Depart for competition: Milpitas H.S. 1285 Escuela Parkway Milpitas, CA 9503
10:00 AM Travel to Great America Theme Park
7:00 PM Load Bus—travel to hotel
11:00 PM Arrive at Super 8 Redding 5175 Churn Creek Rd Redding, CA 96002

Sunday, April 26
8:30 AM Load Buses
8:00 AM Breakfast at Hotel**
9:00 AM Depart for Canby
12:00 PM Lunch Stop (Medford)
6:30 PM Arrive at CHS

**These meals are provided

The Winter Showcase is right around the corner and each section has chosen a theme for their basket in the basket raffle. Here is the list of baskets for each section:

Flutes - Cuddle Basket
Clarinets - Movie Night
Woodwinds - Tea Basket
Trumpets - Chocolate Basket
Low Brass - Rainy Day Basket
Percussion - Coffee Basket

All donations of items and money for the baskets are due into the band room by Friday, February 20. Please make sure your section leader or basket representative has logged your donation. We still need donations of baskets and other items for the raffle.

There will also be an OSU and a UO basket for a little friendly Civil War competition. Anyone may contribute to either basket and we will see by a ticket count who wins at the Showcase.

The Canby Music Boosters are preparing a BBQ basket to compete against the kids and will gladly accept donations. The winning section will get "The Prize". Want to know what "The Prize" is ? Join us on February 28 and find out! Questions? Contact Mrs. BRENNAN or Mrs. BENZ