6/3You can check your answers to your final review here.
      5/23We learned about conditional probability, and the difference between independent and dependent events. Do WS 11.11
        5/22Today we learned about set notation. Do WS 11.10A and WS 11.10B.
          5/21Today we learned about the fundamental counting principle. Do WS 11.9.
            5/19Today we learned how to figure out the sample space (outcomes) of events. Do the worksheet given in class today.
              5/13More OAKS testing today. No homework.
                5/12We did OAKS testing today; there is no homework.
                  5/9Today we did some OAKS review activities. We will be taking the OAKS test beginning Monday, May 12.
                    5/8We took our test over unit 10 today.
                      5/7We did a review for tomorrow's unit 10 test. Do 10.15A and WS 10.15B.
                      Mr. Quinlan
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