4/22We learned about box-and-whisker plots today. We did WS 10.4A as a class, then WS 10.4B was done individually.
4/22Today we did more with modeling data using the calculator. Thursday is a work sample/quiz over this material. For today, do this worksheet.
4/22Today we did more with the dot product of vectors. We also learned about what it means for vectors to be orthogonal. Today's work is: p.520 {24, 29, 30, 34, 36, 38, 45-47, 61-64}
4/17We did more with the measures of central tendency today. Do WS 10.2.
4/17Today we did more modeling with quadratic function. Today we used the calculator for the process. Do the quadratic functions worksheet.
4/17Today we took a short quiz over our knowledge of vectors at this point. We then learned how to apply vectors to story problems. Do: p.511 {41-46, 48-52}
4/16We took our unit 9 test today. We then did WS 10.1.
4/16Today we did some modeling with polynomial functions: p.309 {9-11, 18-20, 27-29}, and p.383 {15-18}
4/16Today we did more with vectors: p.511 {21-30 x3, 33-36, 57-59}
4/14Today we looked at ways to distinguish between linear, quadratic, and exponential data. Do WS 9.11.
Mr. Quinlan
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