5.19Pardon the interruption in my blog entries; for a time I was not able to access by blog. Back on track...

Today we learned about the fundamental counting principle. The homework today is to complete WS 11.6.
5.7We learned about compounding interest formulas today. 2 worksheets were given as homework; those can be picked up tomorrow morning.

5.7Today we did more with polar equations and their conversions to and from rectangular equations. The homework is:

p.540 {31-34, 36-50 evens, 51, 54, 57}
5.7Today we took our unit 7 assessment. No new homework was assigned today.
5.6Today we learned about a new number, the number e. Today's homework is:

p.483 {18-54 by 3's, 61-66, 79-82}
5.6Today we learned about polar equations. The homework is:

p.539 {3, 5, 8, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 21, 23-27, 30}
5.6Today we did a work sample in class. There is no new homework tonight; keep working on the review packets and make sure the homework packet is comleted by tomorrow. The unit 10 assessment is tomorrow.
5.5We did a review of exponential growth and decay today; the homework is WS 8.2.
5.5We took our summative assessment over parametric equations today; there is no homework.
5.5Today we did an activity in which we practiced a work sample and discussed what makes a good one versus a not-so-good one. There is no assigned homework today; any unfinished assignments can/should be still worked on. Thursday is our summative assessment so all homework needs to be completed by then.
Mr. Quinlan
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