Statue of LibertyHey turkeys!

Our objective for this project:

You will create a poster telling about the Statue of Liberty.
You will use at least 3 resources.
Your poster must include:

1) Hand drawn illustration of the Statue of Liberty
2) A title
3) Information that tells:

a) when the statue was built
b) who gave it to the United States
c) why they gave it to the U.S.
d) the height of the statue

Use the links below to research information about the Statue of Liberty.

Torch pic
Pic of Statue
Statue of Liberty Facts

Preamble to the ConstitutionPreamble
If your table group can sing this to me without the lyrics in front of you first, your group will earn 6 points!
The second group gets 4 points, third group gets 2 points. Good luck!
Martin Luther King Jr. ResourcesNational Geographic

MLK Jr. Timeline

MLK Jr. Information (Scroll down to find dates)

States!State Facts
The Preamble of the Constitution!Click on the link below to sing along to the School House Rock's version of the Preamble of the careful, it's addicting!

The Preamble
Social Studies ResearchUse these sites for research!

13 Colonies

Thanksgiving & The Mayflower

New England Colonies


Southern Colonies

MIddle Colonies

French and Indian War
GeoSpyPlay this National Geographic game to see if you know the seven continents!

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