Objective 4/19Objective: You will create a movie using Stop Motion Studio HD.

You will match the correct key word or phrase to the operation.

Your movie must contain at least 200 frames, and take 2 frames per shot.

Get creative, and have fun! I miss you turkeys!
Decimals on a Number LineStudents had to show decimals on a number line that was labeled with fractions. They used the app Stop Motion Studio HD.
Goober on the Number LineCasey & Hyrum's AMAZING stop motion film. Enjoy!
Partner Fraction TracksPlay with a partner!

The object of the game is to get all of your pieces across the board first.

Fraction GameFraction Challenge….Good Luck!
Lattice Multiplication Attack!Worksheet
Fraction ActionFraction Model

Cookies for Grampy (Making 1 whole)

MultiplicationMany, many, many multiplication math games!

Multiplication games
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