Test ch. 3What we did...Dec. 8, jueves

    1. Turn in page 108 #1-4
    2. Correct –ar verb packet
    3. Watch GramaVision 1,2,3
    4. Review for the test.
    5. All late work/All E.C. due tomorrow

    Test ch. 3 (60) points Study guide for Friday

    1. Listening section. Study vocabulary 1, 2, and weather
    2. Reading section.
    3. Vocabulary pictures and statements. Match the statements to the picture. (9)
    4. Vocabulary- Multiple choice. Read statements and a logical follow up response
    5. Vocabulary- Fill in. Variety of vocabulary. Spelling counts
    6. Verb conjugations. Know how to conjugate jugar, ir, querer and regular -ar verbs
    7. Prepositional pronouns used with gustar- A mí, a ti, etc. and pronouns used after con... él, con ella, conmigo, contigo etc.

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