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Vengan a ver mi granja...What we did...Nov. 28, Monday

1. Turn in Review packet Ch 3 (a)
2. Pass back quizzes ch. 3 vocab. 1
3. Musica Monday. Vengan a ver mi granja que es Hermosa
4. Review Ch. 3- Querer, pronouns, gusta, infinitives
5. Learn Vocab 2 Ch. 3 p. 94
6. Conjugate verb ir- to go.
7. Learn the different places on p. 95
8. Homework. Do page 96 #20, 21 and H.W. packet p. 31

Click on the links below to get the homework packet p. 31
Homework packet p. 31
words to song Vengan a ver mi granja

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