¿Qué quieres hacer hoy?What we did...Nov. 15, martes

    1. Bellwork 3.1
    2. Flashcards. Look at Spanish say the English meaning. See how many you know. Keep going thru until you get more in the “I know these” pile.
    3. Teach levántate, siéntate, levanta la mano Levantate si te gusta….
    Tell class to sit, stand, raise hand if like something.
    4. Levanta la target... correr. (Have cards facing the English side) Show me the to run card, etc.
    5. Expresavision /Classroom packet
    6. Review ¿Que te gusta hacer? ¿Que no te gusta jugar?
    7. Do page 84 1-2
    8. Expresate p. 85 Teach ¿Quieres,… Quiero
    9. Review how to answer questions ¿Quieres…..?
    Si, quiero
    No, no quiero
    No, quiero…do something else.
    10. Exprésate p. 85 practice with a partner. Ask using vocab. Substituting going to movies

    Click on the link below to get the homework packet. Do p. 25, 26. Also attached is the classroom packet.
    Homework packet ch. 3
    Classroom packet ch. 3

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