Test ch. 2 tomorrowWhat we did...Nov. 9 miércoles

    1. gramaVision
    2. Bell work 2.8 per. 5 only
    3. Review quiz voc. 2
    4. Correct H.W. p. 22,23. Teach De/possession. Do p. 24 and turn in
    5. Correct Review packet p. 15, 16.
    6. Test ch. 2 tomorrow. All Extra Credit due tomorrow

    Test ch. 2 Study guide
    A. Know Vocab. 1 and vocab. 2 adjectives. Be able to write the opposites. None of the words are provided. Spelling counts.
    1. alto ____ bajo
    2. extrovertido____tímido
    3. horrible____fenomenal

    B. State that you like something more
    1. Me gusta la comida china más o me gustan más las películas

    C.Tell me that people like different items
    1. Tomás/música mexicana= A Tomás le gusta la música mexicana.
    2. Maria y Geraldo/los deportes =A María y A Geraldo les gustan los deportes.

    D. Choose the best adjective ending
    1. Raúl es (tonto)= tonto
    2. Ana es ( activo)= activa

    E. Study the Nota Culturales p. 46, 53 (There are 4 culture questions on the test)

    F. Be able to come up with the questions for given answers. (Study expresate boxes 45, 47, 57, 58)
    G. Be able to show possession with de. El carro del professor. La pizza de la muchacha.
    If in doubt what to study, go thru entire chapter. Understand the grammatical concepts. Study glossary on page 73. All ch. 2 Extra credit is due tomorrow.

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