Exprésate Level 1 and 2 on-line text bookOn-line Textbooks
      tener expressionsEl 19 de enero
      1. Finish Negative informal commands. Write on chart. Lecture on board
      2. Practice vocab flashcards. Students tell me what to do or not to do.
      • ¿Puedo ayudarte?
      • ¿Qué hay que hacer en la cocina? El baño, el patio, el jardin, la habitacion, etc.
      • ¿Que tengo que hacer?
      3. Talk about tener expressions and other verbs used with infinitives.
      4. Do page 20-21, and other transparencies
      5. Cut out the flashcards. Study them over the break

      Things to study over the break
      • P. 6-7, 8 (Expresate boxes) Voc. 1
      • P. 10 Nouns, adjectives and gustar
      • P. 12 Regular, stem changing verb o>ue, e>ie, e>I
      • P. 14 stem changing, irregular verbs in yo form, reflexive verbs
      • P. 18, 19, 20 (Expresate boxes) Voc. 2
      • P. 22 tener expressions, other verbs followed by infinitives
      • P. 22 Study question words
      • P. 26 tú commands, Negative tu commands and Spelling changes
      • P. 37 Master vocabulary list
        Test ch. 2Nov. 18, Thursday

        Turn in rough draft for Inventate ch. 2
        stamp h.w. p. 22-23 (per. 4)
        stamp h.w. p. 22 and yellow
        correct it
        Turn in Homework packet
        finish gramavisión
        preparate para el examen p. 75 #1-3
        go over study guide for test ch. 2 on Friday- tomorrow
        pass out verbal final so students can practice over break

        Test ch. 2 tomorrow.
        All Extra Credit is due for Ch. 2
          Informal (tú) Commands !Estudia!What we did...

          Friday, June 5, 2009

          Take Quiz over direct object pronouns
          Answer questions about verbal final.
          Can do extra credit in ch. 6 written and on-line
          Last day for make up work is Monday, June 8th
          Learn informal tú commands. Do H.W. packet p. 70. Do work from textbook.

          Study ch. 4-6 for final exam next week

            Get ready for direct object QuizThursday, June 4, 2009

            What we did....

            Turn in H.W. packet ch. 6 Have all pages done thru p. 70
            Work on direct object practice worksheet
            Give out study guide. Similiar to worksheet
            Play basketball game to practice direct objects
            Do the following exercises if not playing the game
            Do pages 212-213 #26-28
            Do pages 210-211 #21-23
            Practice for the verbal final
            Prepare for the direct object quiz tomorrow

            Click on the link below for a copy of the worksheet done in class on Thursday

            direct object practica
            Quiz study guide
              Are you practicing for the verbal final?Tuesday, June 2, 2009

              Work on Verbal Final questions
              Perform skits
              Explain direct objects
              Work on direct object worksheets
              Click on the links below to get copies of the worksheets

              direct object notes
              direct object activities 1,2
              direct object rewrite
              direct object estructura
                direct object pronounsMonday, June 1, 2009

                What we did today...
                1.GramaVision. Review ser, estar, pedir and servir, preferir, poder, probar
                2. Quiz Ch. 6 Gramatica 1
                3.Vocab 2 List the vocab. words under the meal categories. Ask questions from Expresate box
                4. Direct objects and Direct object pronouns
                5.Do worksheet attached
                6. Hand out Final -verbal questions

                Click on the link below to get the worksheet we did in class.

                direct object grammar sheets
                verbal final questions
                  Stem-changing verbs Wed. 27
                  new seating chart
                  check off p. 64 H.W. Correct
                  pedir and servir p. 202-203 12-15
                  H.W. packet p. 65
                  practice skits

                  Thursday 28
                  check off H.W. packet p. 65. Correct
                  Correct 202-203 #14-#15 Hand in
                  Teach preferir, poder and probar
                  page 204-205 17-20 Did orally
                  HW packet p. 66
                  practice skits

                  Friday, 29
                  Check off H.W. packet 66, Correct
                  Watch GramaVision 1, 2 (per. 2)
                  Explain what is on oral final
                  No written homework. Study expresate boxes ch. 4-6

                    Ser vs. EstarTuesday, el 26 de mayo

                    What we did....
                    Ser and Estar- take notes. Read p. 200 grammar box
                    page 200-201 7, 8, 10. Do 11 orally. Hand in
                    Hand back vocabulary 1 quiz
                    practice skit. Be ready by Thursday to present
                    H.W. packet 64

                      Restaurant skitsWhat we did...

                      1. Corrected the H.W. packet p. 61-63
                      2. Took Vocabulary 1 Quiz
                      3. Worked on skits
                      4. Study ch. 4-6 for the final

                      See yesterdays blog for all the handouts
                        ¿Qué desea Usted? Thursday, May 21, 2009

                        Check off p. 199 4-6 Correct
                        Check off H.W. packet 62-63
                        I say expressions Tell me if I am a mesero or a cliente
                        ExpresaVision 1. Do Classroom packet
                        Hand out food vocabulary for additional practice
                        Work on restaurant script

                        Plan on Vocabulary quiz on Friday

                        15pt Extra Credit Opportunity for those wanting to participate in the waterbucket challenge. See information below.

                        Click on the links below for a copy of the vocabulary list, the restaurant script, and the classroom packet

                        Classroom packet ch.6
                        Homework packet ch. 6
                        food vocabulary list
                        restaurant skit p.1
                        restaurant script back page
                        waterbucket challenge

                          ¿Qué tal está la comida? Wednesday, May 20, 2009
                          Review vocabulario

                          Check off p. 198. Correct
                          check off H.W. page 61

                          Review expresate box. Take notes and Answer. practice adj box

                          Learn words in Expresate box p. 198.
                          Do p. 199. Do #4-6 Put on page 198 1-3

                          H.W. Study Vocabulario, Do H.W. packet p. 62-63. Prepare for Voc. quiz ch. 1 on Friday

                            Un restaurante mexicanoTuesday, May 19th, 2009

                            Learn food vocabulary
                            Learn table setting vocab.
                            Mas vocabulario box page 196-
                            Expresate box page 197-
                            Ask and Answer various questions from Notes given
                            Do page 198 1-3
                            H.W. packet p. 61

                              Test ch. 5
                              Monday, May 18th, 2009

                              Test ch. 5
                              watch telenovela
                              watch gramavision/expresavision
                              No written homework

                                Text on Monday, May 18thFriday May 15, 2009

                                preparate para el examen-take notes
                                hang posters
                                correct cuaderno de act. voc 1/voc 2

                                  Prepare for test on Friday
                                  Thursday, May 14, 2009

                                  Do green crossword puzzle
                                  Check off Blue page 47 and 49
                                  Correct Blue packet page 45,46, 47, 49.
                                  Turn in packet.
                                  Hang up posters around the school
                                  Preparate para el examen

                                    ESTARWednesday, May 13, 2009
                                    green estar worksheet
                                    check off cuad. de act. voc 2/gram 2 page 45-46
                                    Correct H.W. packet p. 55-60
                                    Teach negative words page 176
                                    Do H.W. packet page 59. Turn H.W. packet in
                                    Tarea: Blue Cuad de Act packet page 47 and 49

                                    Click on the links below to get the worksheets that were worked on and assigned today.
                                    Estar worksheet
                                    Cuaderno de Activities pages 47 and 49
                                      PrepositionsTuesday, May 12, 2009

                                      Check off H.W. packet p. 58
                                      Do some transparencies in front of class
                                      Work on written worksheets from Juntos
                                      Preposition poster
                                      tell a la izquierda de when comparing it to another object. Compare to a la izquierda. It’s on the left vs. It’s on the left of...
                                      Correct house worksheet
                                      Correct estar + preposition worksheet

                                      Click on the links below to get the worksheets we worked on today in class and assigned as homework

                                      Estar and prepositions
                                      House vocabulary
                                      Cuaderno de Actividades page 45-46

                                        ¿Dónde estás?Monday, May 11, 2009

                                        check off H.W. packet page 55-56
                                        Turn in House worksheet
                                        Teach estar and prepositions
                                        Do page 174-175 #23-#24
                                        Do H.W. packet p. 58
                                        Preposition poster

                                          ¿Dónde viven Uds?Friday, May 8, 2009

                                          Flashcard review. Study all the vocabulary pages 170-171
                                          House worksheet (Click on the link below to get a copy of the worksheet)
                                          Page 179 #32, #33 (per. 1) Page 184 #3
                                          H.W. packet page 55-56

                                          House vocabulary worksheet side 1
                                          House vocabulary worksheet side 2
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