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Start of another year
I will update my Staff Blog in the coming weeks, currently re-tooling all of my class syllabus's and want to include the new information in the Blog.
Alt Ed Week 1 Tri 3Hello and welcome to Alternative Education. Just a few reminders about expectations in here. All students are expected to work in class. You should get about a packet done a week. Everyone is expected to get through 2 classes in a trimester. This is how you begin to make up credits you are deficient in. We are in the downward end of this school year. Lets end well. Seniors I will be meeting often with you making sure that you are accomplishing what needs to be so you can graduate this year.

J Barr
Alt Ed Week8 Tri 2We are starting week 8 this week. For those students who do not get their first class done by the end of this week they are not likely to be allowed back into Alt Ed next trimester. Progress reports were due today and will be mailed out this week. Some students need to pick up their grades some. Do not forget that you can check your child's attendance and grades on Parent Assist.
Alt Ed Week4 Tri 2We are into week 4 of the second trimester. You should be working on packet 4 to be on track. We are getting close to midterms. We will be checking in with you this week on how you are doing.
Alternative EducationThank you for checking my blog. Below you will find the link to our rules and regulations. This is my way of letting you know what we expect and the beginning of opening communication channels. If you have any questions or concerns you can email me here at school or call. I will do my best to answer you as soon as I can.

Rules and Regulations
Alt Ed Week2 Tri 2We are off to a good start this trimester. Students are motivated and getting work turned in. I hope it stays this way. Students in alt ed are required to get 2 classes done. The way the classes are set up makes it easy to follow. We are in 12 week trimesters and classes are set into 6 packets per class. So if they average 1 packet a week they will easily get 2 classes done. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me. Best way is by email (

Happy Holidays.
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Cells UnitDuring this unit students will increase their understanding of Cells, microorganisms and microscopes. They will learn about the main types of cells: Animal, plant and bacterial and the structures which characterize each. In the Eggsperiment and the Model Cell experiment students will explore the ability of cell membranes to control what enters and leaves cells. Students will use a variety of techniques to learn what the various cell organelles do to keep cells and the organisms to which they belong alive.

For first-hand study of cells students will learn to use compound microscopes. They will use their microscopes to examine living animal and plant cells, as well as select protists. Their examination of non-pathogenic protists will lead into their study of those organisms which cause disease, including parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Major projects in this unit will include the Cells Unit Test during the week of Jan 17 and the Cells Unit Packet/Imaginary Cell Project, which will probably be due that same week.
Alt Ed week 11Sorry missed a post. Short weeks seem to through me off and I forget things.

We have this week and one more part week left in this trimester. You should be finishing up your second class I am hoping this week, if not by finals week at least. If you do not finish the class you do not receive credit for that class. You must finish the entire class to get any credit and a passing grade.

Remember I do not give out packets ahead. You must finish a packet to get a packet. So if you are hoping to get 2 or 3 packets for the Thanksgiving break you better make other plans. It is crunch time and some of you need to get a move on. I know you can all get work done, so show me.

Mr. Barr
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Ecology UnitIn this unit students will explore the organization of organisms in the natural world into populations, communities and ecosystems. They will follow the flow of energy through the ecosystems usingecological pyramids and food chains. Then, students will explore how food chains are interconnected into complex food webs in various environments.

In teams of 3-4, students will focus on one particular region of the marine environment to learn what organisms live there and how they survive. After completing their research, they will share this information with classmates in a group oral report.

Students will also incorporate some math skills into this unit by graphing data. After learning about typical population growth patterns, they will explore such things as the differences between growth graphs for open & closed populations, the effects of the reduction of predators on the Kaibab deer herd and how to discover relationships such as predator-prey from graphs containing population data from more than one population on the same graph.

Ecological relationships are ways for students to try to understand how organisms interact in nature. Students will explore the relationships of predation, parasitism, commensalism, mutualism, competition and cooperation.

Major grade items for this unit will include the Population Project, due on Nov. 3, The Ecology Unit Test during the week of Nov. 15 and an Ecology Packet due the week of Nov. 29.
ALT ED Week 7We are officially over half way thru the trimester. To be on track this trimester you should be done with one class by now. If you are not, you have til next week to get it done otherwise you will not be allowed to start your next class and will be in jeopardy of not being able to stay in alternative ed classes. Please ask your children how they are doing and if you have any questions or want to know more please email me and I will let you know how they are doing.

Mr. Barr
ALT ED Week 5We are almost to the half way point. You should be working on packet 5. Next week is a short week as there is PSAT tests on the 13th and no school on the 15th. You really need to keep on track. I will be talking to all of you again here soon about all your classes. Lets keep up the good work.

Mr Barr
Alt Ed week 3Welcome to Alternative Education. I look forward to a productive trimester. I am not able to put your child's grades on ESIS so if you want to know how they are doing please email me and I will let you know. Also, if you have any other concerns or questions please contact me thru email. I am currently only at the high school in the mornings so email is the most effective way to get in contact with me. My email is

Just a quick note that the expectations in alternative education is that you get a packet done a week. We are in our third week of this trimester, so you should be working on packet 3. Remember that if you do not finish 2 classes in here and do well in your other classes you will not be allowed back in here next trimester.

So lets do a good job and stay on top of our school work.

Jim Barr
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Classification UnitIn this unit students will learn the major kingdoms of organisms plus the major phyla of animals. After investigating the construction and use of dichotomous keys, they will learn about the major plant groups and how plants use the raw materials of carbon dioxide and light to make glucose and release oxygen. After taking the unit test on Oct. 8, students will put together an Ecology Packet for their other major grade item of the unit, due on Oct. 13th.

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Web IIComplete & publish your lastest Flash project. Digital Jukebox
Due to low "virtual memory" on your computers you may be able to complete only
one Scene (graphics & sound files).

Bonus pts. for any student who can embed scrolling text boxes into their Flash
Jukebox....Yes Foner, I owe you a Coke!

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Web Design IOrganize and link all web projects. Place your organized folder into my digital dropbox for review.
Have a partner check your work before uploading.

Check with Mr. Nelson if you have any assignments missing. Some student are still missing their on-line HTML test.

Up-coming assignment for Tuesday will be a digital resume.

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MarketingFinished International Business Powepoint Class Presentations (100 pts)

Completed Chapter 7 - Business Math Applications

Started Chapter 8 - Communication Skills (wkshts, video)

Test over Chapte 8 - Wednesday (October 31, 2007)
safety test
Currently all levels of building construction are in the process of taking safety test on power tools. Specifically, classes watch a video on a particular tool and do a walk through demonstration of the given tool and subsequently take the test in class. This process will last, roughly, through next week.

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Nature of ScienceIn this introductory unit students will look at the nature of science. They will examine how people use science to learn and they will explore the process by investigating the structure and behavior of an animal in the lab. During this investigation students will make a variety of observations of their animal, then evaluate the types of observations they have made. Finally, they will explore the types of questions which science can and cannot answer for us.
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