Regions ResearchRheinland = Rhine Valley
    Heide = Heath
    Voralpen = pre-Alps
    Schwarzwald = Black Forest
    Bayrischewald = Bavarian Forest
    Erzgebirge = Ore Mountains / Erz Mountains
    Ostsee Küste = Baltic Sea Coast
    Nordsee Inseln = North Sea Islands
    Berliner Seen = Lakes Around Berlin

    Choose a region.
    Find at least 6 pictures of this region.
    Label each picture.
    Describe the region in ENGLISH
    Describe the region in German (keep it very simple)

    Right now… Do you know Germany? Get out your maps.

    Word Bank: Wasserfall, Berg, Wald, Feld, Insel, See, Fluss, Küste, Strand, Meer, Vulkan, Stadt, Dorf, Strasse, Autobahn, Gletcher, Tunnel, Fels, Brücke, Himmel

    Pick a region of Germany. Find pictures. Write a descriptive paragraph in German.

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    • Welcome to German
      Ich bin froh wieder angefangen zu haben. If you are new, please spend some time introducing yourself to me before or after class. I really want to get to know all the new freshmen, transfers and exchange students right away. I hope the trimester is off to a great start for each of you and that you will have a lot of success this year! - Herr Megowan
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    • 2008 Trip to Germany
      We will be taking a group to Germany during the summer of 2008. It is still too early to apply but it is never too early to think about saving up some money, practice your German and talking to your parents. Danke! - Megowan
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    • German Exchange
      The 2008 Exchange will be great but I can only take a limited number of students so if you are interested be sure to let me, Mr. Megowan, know on the first day of the next school year. On another note... the Exchange website is down for "repairs" but will be up again before summer! - Herr Megowan
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    • German Exchange Website
      You can click here for updated information about the GERMAN EXCHANGE
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