Grading and Late Work (repost)German Grading & Late Work Policy
    September 12, 2011

    I always have a few parents (and kids) who ask for the specific details regarding grading and late work in German class. So here they are...

    A) I do allow retakes on certain tests and encourage kids to keep trying until they fully master the content. It is announced in advance if a test will be offered for retakes. The retakes are usually not the same version. This does not apply to tests like the midterm or the final.

    B) Only assignments with zero in the grade book are truly missing. If there is just a blank, that means that the work is not yet in (or it has been turned in but not graded). This does not mean the work is considered late. When an assignment is really late, I will mark it with a zero (not just leave it blank).

    C) The stated "due dates" in ESIS are usually just the date that the first student turned in his or her work. The actual due date for any chapter work is the day before the chapter test (or anytime sooner). This might seem confusing at first but actually works well because students can keep their materials to study prior to the test. We use our workbook packets as our study guides.

    Please feel free to email if you have further questions ---

    Danke, Herr Megowan

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