CCC Skills ScenariosGERMAN 1
    3 – Your partner calls you because he/she is coming to visit. You are in charge of making activities or plans for him/her… ask him/her how they are doing, how life/school is going, when he/she is visiting, and what he/she wants to do when in town.
    9 – You and your partner will talk about a typical day at home (not at school).
    26 – Tell you partner about your family (names, ages, interests, hobbies, personality)
    82 – Talk about the school day.

    GERMAN 2
    15 – Use appropriate phone courtesies, call your friend (the partner) and invite him/her to go out with you for the evening. Be prepared to ask: what your partner wants to do; when he/she can go; where you will go; how to get there; and what to do before and after.
    47 – You and your partner will talk about your friends and/or people at your school.
    57 – We will discuss favorite and least favorite chores around the house. You will find out who does what at your partners house.
    82 – Let’s talk about our school day. Be ready to ask your partner about his/her classes and after school.

    GERMAN 3
    40 – You are the new student in town. A neighbor your own age meets you. Tell about your old school and find out about the new school.
    71 – You and your partner are talking about plans for the summer. Discuss your plans and ask about your partners plans in depth.
    94 – Your partner invites you to go out to eat. Talk about where you want to go, what you like to eat, how much you can afford to spend, etc.
    95 – You are staying in a host family in Austria or Germany. You don’t feel well. Talk to your partner (who is your host brother/sister) about seeing a doctor and getting a prescription for some medicine.

    GERMAN 4
    46 – (pretend) Your parents are very strict with you and require you to do a lot of chores. This bothers you. Complain about this situation to your friend.
    62 – Talk about going to the beach (Strand/Küste) you will need to find out about the location: Where it is; what it is like; what you can do there, etc.
    69 – You are a kid who doesn’t want to go to school. Try to make excuses such as: you are not feeling well; you are afraid of your teachers; you don’t like someone on the bus. Try to be convincing.
    101 – Let’s talk about jobs you know about. You will talk about educational requirements (in Germany), salary, responsibilities and skills you would need.

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