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Royal Society of Chemistry
Vocabulary ChainDue Dec. 19

100 paper chain links.

Each link should have:
* A word with a Latin or Greek root
* the definitions of the root(s)
* a sentence using that word (do not write sentences like "I wonder what agoraphobia means.")

Each link should connect to the links next to it by one of the same roots. Examples include: triangle --> tricycle --> bicycle --> bisect --> dissect --> diverge --> converge, etc.
Scale of the UniverseScale of the Universe Model
Atomic Theory Song

lyrics to Atomic Theory Song
Word Work Greek/Latin Roots part 1Due Wed., Dec 10

App choices for word work

Tangled Roots: 50 words

Greek/Latin Dragon Game: Every 3 levels counts as a worksheet

Rootology: 200 current exp points

WITS Vocab: Any game where you get >$160 points or higher counts as a worksheet

on a computer: It's Greek to Me 10 points in discus or 20 points in archery count as a worksheet

science circuitsgo to this web page and download

circuit simulation
Word Work: Semi-Colons and ColonsStudents will use semi-colons and colons correctly. Word work is due Friday, Nov. 14.

Colon worksheet 1

Colon worksheet 2

Colon worksheet 3

Colons, dashes, hyphens, parentheses

Semi-colon worksheet 1

Semi-colon worksheet 2

Semi-colon worksheet 3

Semi-colons or commas
Short Story Unit: PlotFill out one of each of these worksheets (or create your own way to demonstrate that plot is a series of episodes of conflict). At least 8 are due by Nov. 21.

Plot Diagram 1

Plot Diagram 2

Plot Diagram 3

Plot Diagram 4

More short stories for YOU: Here are some short stories

Lots of stories for middle school kids
Kinetic and Potential Energy by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans
Transition words -- word workCCSS: Use appropriate transitions to clarify relationships between ideas.
Due Oct. 30

Transition words worksheet 1

Transition words worksheet 2

Transition words worksheet 3

Transition words worksheet 4

Transition words worksheet 5

Transition words worksheet 6
Popsicle Stick CatapultsThe original youtube video:

National Geographic Pumpkin Chuckin video

The written directions for you to follow.

Pumpkin Catapult Slideshow Requirements

A brief explanation of catapult physics

Some information about catapult history
Health BrochureDue Friday, Oct 24

Health brochure:
* The health issue should be named and defined on the front page
* The audience for this issue should be define on the front page
* Artwork should include photos and at least one original drawing
* Articles should fill the brochure but each article should fit in one panel
* There should be one section for tips regarding the health issue
* The back panel needs to include at least 3 other places to get information regarding the issue (this will double as citing your references)

Math -- Performance Task UnitPerfect Pair

Once Upon a Time

Growing Staircases

Double Down

Tri Triangles

diminishing return

mesauring up

Planetary model grading systemRubric for grades
Equation MatEquation Mat
Formal vs Informal Writing StyleFormal vs Informal 1

Formal vs Informal 2

Formal vs Informal 3

Formal vs Informal 4

Formal vs Informal 5

This last one counts as 3 worksheets:
Formal vs Informal 6
Planet Project InformationPlanetary Trading Cards (starts on second page)

Planetary Model Size Information

Weight on Other Planets

Astronomical Unit Worksheets

Due on Thursday, Oct. 9
Individual work:
3 vocabulary sheets from "Why Does the Sun Shine"
2 vocabulary sheets from "Why Does the Sun Really Shine"
Cornell Notes from Bill Nye Video
Astronomical Unit worksheet activities 1 and 3

Group Work:
Planet Trading Cards
Solar System Model.

The model will be graded on attempted originality and accuracy while noting that it is not possible to have a truly accurate solar system model inside our classroom.
Pronoun word work -- due Sept 26Here are your choices for word work worksheets. You only need to do four of them, but you must get 80% or higher on all worksheets. If you need to redo anything, I'll let you know. When you've completed each worksheet, please put it in Showbie.

Pronoun Worksheet 1

Pronouns Worksheet 2

Pronouns Worksheet 3

Pronouns Worksheet 4

Pronoun Worksheet 5

Pronoun Worksheet 6

Pronoun Worksheet 7
September Book ProjectYou may choose any book you wish as long as it is around the 6th grade level in reading.

Think about the narration in the book.

Make a triorama (directions here)

Have one Peep as the main character (Peeps have been provided by me)

Attach one paragraph answering the following question: How does the author of your book develop the point of view of the narrator?

Book Project is due Tuesday, Sept. 30. Please let me know if you have any questions.
SeedfolksFor each chapter either do one of the following worksheets or create your own.

Characterization worksheet 1

Characterization worksheet 2

Characterization worksheet 3
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