synonym word workUsing this worksheet, find 5 synonyms with similar denotations but different connotations. Write the five synonyms on the worksheet and write a sentence using each word.
scientists100 Most Influential Scientists of All Time

Scientist Choice Form
Synonym online gamesSynonym games 1

synonym toast

fun two player game
Water filtersArticles to read for background information about the problem:

Drinkable book

The story of drinking water

Water facts

WHO water information

The next article is by a charity that wants people to donate money. Please work at separating the factual information from the persuasive information in the article. Charity water

Articles to read for background information about possible solutions:

Water purifiers

National Geographic

Youtube video using evaporation

TED Talks about the Life Saver Water Filtration Device

Engineering and Design template and rubric:

Engineering and design template

Water Filter Project Template
space pollution videoLink to video here
March Book ProjectHere are the criteria for your March Book Project (adjusted due to necessity):

1) Choose a book about any holiday in March. Here's a good place to find all the March holidays

2) Read your book...or at least most of it.

3) Create a trailer in imovie on your ipad. Your movie may not have images from a movie of the book.

4) Make sure you finish your book by March 31 because....

5) You will have to take a test (and pass the test) comparing your book and someone else's trailer. You will be assigned a trailer for comparison.

Stuff for pi day!Pi(e) song

Sir Cumference and The Dragon of Pi

Pi search engine

">Mathematical Pi
Citing EvidenceCiting within your writing
Science CareersScience Careers

Career One Stop Video

Questions to Answer for Your Brochure

[Rubric for Science Career Brochure]
ELA Smarter Balanced RubricELA Rubric -- Smarter Balanced Argumentative Writing
School Start Time VideoSchool Start Time Video
Word Work 2/28App choices for word work

Tangled Roots: Each different root counts as a worksheet, but make sure there are 1 or 2 words left when you take the screen shot.

Greek/Latin Dragon Game: Every 2 levels counts as a worksheet

Rootology: Grade of B or better, 3 words (2 roots and the final word) counts as one worksheet.

WITS Vocab: Any game where you get 1,000 points or higher counts as a worksheet
Engineering and Design -- WatercraftWatercraft from Design Squad by PBS

Engineering and design template

Engineering and Design Rubric
Dystopian Literature Final ProjectDue Friday, Feb.7

What defines dystopian literature?

This will be written in a five paragraph essay:
* Introductory paragraph
* Three body paragraphs
* Conclusion paragraph

For a 3, you will need to bring in 6-10 sources to help justify your argument. For a 4, you will need to bring in more than 10.

What defines dystopian literature to you? Poverty? Depression? Individual vs. Society? You need to choose three important aspects of dystopian literature and cite how they help define the genre.

Word Work -- Greek and Latin Roots Part 1Online game: It's Greek to Me Game 50 points=1 worksheet

Online game: number root word concentration one game = one worksheet

Online game: funbrain -- do at least medium Medium or harder ONLY. 20 points = 1 worksheet

worksheet: root word web
Cells by They Might Be Giants
Commas, Colons, Dashes, Parentheses -- ContinuedComma quia quiz You must get to $1,000,000

Save the Comma You must get at least 8,000 points.

Comma quiz You have to get 12 right.

Comma Quiz part two You have to get 12 right.

10 comma questions 80% or higher

A bunch of comma quizzes, but all of them are tough You have to turn in a screen shot that shows all 20 problems done and at least 80% pass rate.

Dystopian short storiesAll Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury
Compare and Contrast SheetsCompare/Contrast Graphic Organizer 1

Venn Diagram

Compare/Contrast Matrix

A whole selection of compare/contrast graphic organizers.
Electrical Scientists VotingLAST ROUND

[Rubric for voting]
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