Engineering and DesignEngineering and Design Template

UAV pilot training certificate

Engineering and Design
fauna of OregonCheck this out for our pre-ODS unit

Habitat classification

1. Title slide

2. Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, species

3. Habitat map and sentence

4. What your animal eats

5. Is your animal's food increasing, decreasing, or staying the same?

6. How will this affect your animal's population?

7. What eats your animal

8. Are your animal's predators increasing, decreasing, or staying the same?

9. How will this affect your animal's population?

10. Interesting facts about your animal

11. Is it possible to see your animal at Camp Magruder? Why or why not?

12. Reference page

School Start Time VideoSchool Start Time Video
ELA Smarter Balanced RubricELA Rubric -- Smarter Balanced Argumentative Writing
Poetry Unit WorksheetsPoetry Unit

Each student must read 20 poems and turn in a figurative language response for each poem. The responses are due March 18.

Types of Figurative Language

simile -- comparison using "like" or "as"
metaphor -- comparison NOT using "like" or "as"
idiom -- phrase that does not make literal sense (like "it's raining cats and dogs")
onomatopoeia -- a word that sounds like what it is (like "hiss")
alliteration -- words that start with the same consonant sound all in a row (like "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.")

The response must include the following:
* Title of the poem
* Author of the poem
* Book where the poem was found
* Quoted example of figurative language
* Explanation in your own words of what the figurative language means in the context of that poem.

The response could also include the following:
* Artwork
* Slideshow
* Personal reflection of poem

Here are two worksheet possibilities to get you started:

Poetry worksheet 1

poetry part 2
Figurative languageFigurative language worksheet 1

Figurative language worksheet 2

Figurative language of the Beatles

Figurative language of Edgar Allen Poe

Metaphor worksheet

Simile worksheet

Hyperbole worksheet

Personification worksheet

Orpheus the Lyrical Game
Electricity!How electricity gets to your home

Where Does Electricity Come From

6 Kingdoms -- cells6 kingdom explanation

Prokaryote vs Eukaryote

it's a bird, it's a planeIt's a Bird, It's a Plane
Mitosis Video
Synonym online gamesSynonym games 1

synonym toast

fun two player game
King Henry's StoryKing Henry's Story

[King Henry Picture]
Harrison BergeronText for Harrison Bergeron
Scientist TournamentWe are looking for:
* the scientist who has done the coolest work
* had the most amazing impact on the world
* is the most interesting
* is well presented

Scientist Voting Form -- FINAL ROUND
word work due Thurs., Jan 15Do 4 of the following worksheets created by your fellow students. Due Thurs., Jan 15.

Carter's worksheet

Christian's worksheet

Claire's worksheet

Crystal's worksheet

Elsa's Worksheet

Jesus' worksheet

Kendyl's worksheet

McKenna's worksheet

Element InformationIt's elemental

Royal Society of Chemistry
Vocabulary ChainDue Dec. 19

100 paper chain links.

Each link should have:
* A word with a Latin or Greek root
* the definitions of the root(s)
* a sentence using that word (do not write sentences like "I wonder what agoraphobia means.")

Each link should connect to the links next to it by one of the same roots. Examples include: triangle --> tricycle --> bicycle --> bisect --> dissect --> diverge --> converge, etc.
Scale of the UniverseScale of the Universe Model
Atomic Theory Song

lyrics to Atomic Theory Song
Word Work Greek/Latin Roots part 1Due Wed., Dec 10

App choices for word work

Tangled Roots: 50 words

Greek/Latin Dragon Game: Every 3 levels counts as a worksheet

Rootology: 200 current exp points

WITS Vocab: Any game where you get >$160 points or higher counts as a worksheet

on a computer: It's Greek to Me 10 points in discus or 20 points in archery count as a worksheet

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