Pronoun word work -- due Sept 26Here are your choices for word work worksheets. You only need to do four of them, but you must get 80% or higher on all worksheets. If you need to redo anything, I'll let you know. When you've completed each worksheet, please put it in Showbie.

Pronoun Worksheet 1

Pronouns Worksheet 2

Pronouns Worksheet 3

Pronouns Worksheet 4

Pronoun Worksheet 5

Pronoun Worksheet 6

Pronoun Worksheet 7
September Book ProjectYou may choose any book you wish as long as it is around the 6th grade level in reading.

Think about the narration in the book.

Make a triorama (directions here)

Have one Peep as the main character (Peeps have been provided by me)

Attach one paragraph answering the following question: How does the author of your book develop the point of view of the narrator?

Book Project is due Tuesday, Sept. 30. Please let me know if you have any questions.
SeedfolksFor each chapter either do one of the following worksheets or create your own.

Characterization worksheet 1

Characterization worksheet 2

Characterization worksheet 3
The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas
Spaghetti Marshmallow ChallengeSlideshow:
1) Title slide (with names of your group)

2) Identify problem (what are you trying to do)

3) Determine criteria and constraints (what are you allowed to use, what challenges do you think will occur)
-- 20 sticks of spaghetti
-- 1 yard of tape
-- 1 yard of string
-- 1 marshmallow
-- 18 minutes

4) What background knowledge did you have before you started?

5) Design solution (picture -- either photo or drawn -- of what you did with labels)

6) Test solution (what happened)

7) Evaluate solution (why did it happen -- what worked and what didn't)

8) Picture of your refined design with labels

9) Identify improvements (even if they didn't work) -- what happened the second time

10) Evaluation second solution (why it happened)

11) Picture of your third design with labels

12) The improvements you made -- what happened the third time

13) Why it happened -- explain the results of your third attempt

14) conclusion slide (what you learned, who won, synopsis of the challenge)

Link to the video and instructions

Example of last year's slide show
Kim Kent
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