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Sandy Kahut
  • Welcome
    Welcome back! please feel free to ask for any of the standards or information you might need to assist your child in developing in mathematics. This year will be hard and a struggle for many. Pre-algebra and algebra are a different way of thinking than many are used to.
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  • Grading
    Grading scale is a straight scale - 90-100% -- A 80 - 89% -- B 70 - 79% -- C 60 - 69% -- D Homework (practice) is still required especially as a qualifier to be able to retake a test or quiz. Qualifiers aren't for a grade but are required to be able to retake a test/quiz. All retakes must be done 1 week prior to end of trimester. Qualifiers include Practice Correcting errors on tests or quizzes Error analysis worksheet. Assessment forms Formative May include but aren't necessarily limited to projects -- vary in points Quizes -- 10 - 20 points Summative May include but aren't necessarily limited to Tests -- 50 or more points projects -- vary in points
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  • Grading scale
    A - 95-100% B - 85 - 94% C - 75 - 84% D - 65 - 74% F - 64 and below
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