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At Canby High School we believe in using the proper tools to get a job the done in the most efficient manner. In Algebra Two the tool we use is a graphing calculator. As a department we have chosen the TI 83 plus or a member of the TI 84 series as our tool of choice. The TI 84 plus is pictured above.

Each student will need to use a graphing calculator most days in class, at home for homework, and on most quizzes and tests. They can be purchased from around $80 for a TI 83 plus to about $130 for a TI 84 Silver edition. The silver editions just has more memory to download programs off the Internet. Both the TI 83 and TI 84 have the same keyboard so it will not matter in class demonstrations which calculator a student uses.

If you are unable to purchase a graphing calculator due to financial hardship please contact me. We have a limited number of graphing calculators which are loaned out to students for the trimester.

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