Homework / April 13 thru April 244/13 Review Worksheet Review
4/14 Page 547 (1-15,17-22, 26-28,33,34,37) Sec. 10-5
4/15 Quiz 10
4/16 Page 554 (5-12, 21-23, 28,33) Sec. 10-6
4/17 No School

4/20 Page 561 (5,6,8,9,12,13,17,23,24,28,30,34,40,42,43) Sec. 10-7
4/21 Page 564 (1-9), Page 573 (13-22) Review
4/22 Page 576 (10-15, 18), Page 577 (1,3,5,6,11,12) Review
4/23 Exam 10
4/24 Page 419 (12-20, 25-33, 39-43) Sec. 8-1
Homework / March 30 thru April 103/30 Worksheet Sec. 7-5
3/31 Review Sec. 7-5 Review
4/1 Page 390 (9-29, 34-37, 42-47) Sec. 7-6
4/2 Page 391 (52,53), Page 397 (1-4, 7-12, 17, 18, 22-27, 35, 37) Sec. 7-7
4/3 Quiz 7A

4/6 Page 410 (6-28) Review
4/7 Page 412 (1-22, 24, 25) Review
4/8 Exam 7
4/9 Page 514 (1-3,10-12),Page 531 (2,5,6,8-10,14,15,22,23,25,38,39) Sec. 10-1/3
4/10 Page 540 (1-9, 12-20Evens, 24, 26, 28, 44) Sec. 10-4
Pre Algebra Syllabus
Trimester 3 2008-2009
Mr. Huserik Period 3

This trimester we will focus on the following topics:
• Percents
• Open-Ended Problem Solving
• Probability
• Statistics
• Functions and Graphs
• Inequalities
• Geometry
We will also spend time preparing for the State OAKS test.
We will be learning to use a TI-84 graphing calcultor in class. (CHS provides TI-84s for in class use.)

• Student Expectations
Each student will need to ...
1. display respect for themselves, others, and the campus.
2. bring all appropriate materials to class -- pencil, calculator,
binder, book, spiral notebook, etc.
3. work only on class related assignments.
4. participate in class activities.
5. listen during instruction with full attention
6. take notes and keep an organized notebook.

• Classroom Rules Consequences
• No Food or Drink (water only) 1. Conference with Student
• Be Considerate of Others 2. Parent Contact
• Be on Time 3. Administrative Referral
• Come to Class Prepared
• Use Class Time Wisely
• NO CELL PHONES, MP3’s, iPODS, CD PLAYERS … This will result in a loss of
• NO PLAYING OF CALCULATOR GAMES 10 participation points.

• Attendance/Tardies
Attendance is essential for success. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up whatever you missed. It is very important for you to be to class on time. Your 3rd and 4th tardies will each result in a loss of 5 participation points. Any further tardies will each result in a loss of 5 participation points and a referral.

• Evaluation

60% Tests and Quizes
40% Assignments

A=90+ B=80+ C=70+ D=60+

• Retests and Redo Assignments and Quizes
• Retake tests will be available to those students who turned in all assignments for the current unit and who took the test on or before the day it was given in class.
• You may correct your errors on all assignments and quizes and earn back ½ of the points you missed. Show correctioins on notebook paper, staple to the original and turn in.

• Assignments There will be an assignment each day. Work not finished in class will be sent home as homework. Late assignments receive 70% credit.

• The math lab is staffed with a math tutor daily from 8:00 – 4:00.
• Your math teacher or any math teacher.

• Parents
You can monitor your student’s progress on the internet through Parent Assist. I will also have a calender on my blog with the schedule for tests and homework.

• Supplies
• Calculator: TI-30X IIS (for home use)
• Pencils
• Notebook Paper
• Spiral
• 3-ring binder

It is my desire that all of you successfully complete this class. I will do my best to make this a reachable goal for each of you. Please feel free to come in for assistance.

Office Hours
• 7:30 am -7:45 am
• Lunch on Monday,Wednesday,
• Thusday and Friday
• After school until 3:30 pm

Phone: 263-7200 Ext. 5506
Email: huserikt@canby.k12.or.us
BLOG: http://www.canbyhs.canby.k12.or.us

Student’s name: __________________ Student’s signature: _________________

Parent’s signature: _____________ Parent’s email address: _______________

Parents: Please feel free to email or call me if you have concerns about your student’s grade. I am good about responding to emails/phone calls and it is nice to keep in touch.

Homework / March 9 thru March 203/9 Finals
3/10 No School
3/11 Page 351 (1-3, 8-13,16,18, 20) Sec. 7-1
3/12 Page 351 (22-24, 44-46, 49-50) Sec. 7-1
3/13 Page 360 (1-20) Sec. 7-2

3/16 Page 361 (21-31, 36-38, 40-43, 62-65) Sec. 7-2
3/17 Page 369 (1-9, 12-29, 34-40) Sec. 7-3
3/18 Page 376 (1-3, 8-22, 26-28, 33,35-37) Sec. 7-4
3/19 Quiz 7
3/20 Review over Sections 7-3 to 7-4

Spring Break
Class Syllabus / Geometry B
Geometry B/ Instructor Mr. Huserik
Room: 506
Email: huserikt@canby.k12.or.us
Phone: (503) 263-2700 EXT. 5506

 Course Description
Welcome to Geometry! It is my desire that you will find this year both worthwhile and enjoyable. Geometry can be a challenging course for students but certainly rewarding. A good attitude and reasonable effort will go a long ways toward helping you get the most out of our time together. We will cover Chapters 7 thru 11 of our text.

 Student Expectations
1. Have your required materials each day.
On the bottom of this page is a detailed list of the supplies for this course. It is important that you understand the necessity of bringing proper materials to class daily. Sharing calculators is not acceptable, make sure to bring your own!!

2. Complete your assignments daily.
Our curriculum requires a daily assignment of usually 25 – 30 problems. Even with time given in class, you will still have 25-45 minutes of homework to complete. Do remember, all collected homework must be turned in to qualify for a retake. Homework needs to have work shown in order to receive full credit!!

3. Read the material in each section as assigned.
Our books are designed to be read by you, the student, and attempting problems without doing so is much less productive.

4. Use class time wisely.
This time is to be used to ask questions and complete as much of the assignment as possible. You must take advantage of working on the problems when help from the teacher is available. We are well aware of the busy schedules that many of you live. Our experience tells us that if you leave all of your assignment to do later, you will often lack sufficient time, or have difficulty in working through the problems on your own. Please put away all electrical equipment (cell phones, i-pods, etc.) during the class period.

5. Take advantage of available help.
When you find yourself having difficulty with a particular topic or lesson, feel free to seek additional help outside of class. Suggestions of times and/or places for you to find help include:
• Your teacher ….available Monday – Friday at lunch or after school from 2:45 – 4:00.
• Peer Tutors – sign-up in counseling for free tutoring services from an honor student. Other geometry students – get to know the other students in our class and set up times to help each other.

6. Attend class daily on time.
Concepts learned one day or week are necessary for those learned the following day/week. Every minute of class is valuable. On your third tardy, and each tardy thereafter, you will earn 30 minutes detention time. A phone call to your parents will also be made. I can’t teach you, if you aren’t here!!

I expect you to do the best job that you can do.

 Supplies
3 ring-notebook pkg. of #2 pencils 4 colored pencils
spiral notebook paper graph paper
dry erase marker ruler (cm/inch) protractor

 Evaluation

Binder: Each student is expected to keep a neat, orderly notebook. It will contain a spiral notebook for taking notes; and special sections for assignments, quizzes and tests,and CIM information. You are to have your supplies with you daily. A notebook check may be done for points on a given day.

Spiral: Notes should be taken in the spiral notebook. This spiral is not to be used for assignments. Notes should be taken over the reading each day and during class lectures. Be sure to include new vocabulary, definitions, and helpful examples worked by the teacher. Keep your notes legible and practical as they will be allowed to be used during most quizzes, if they are in your spiral notebook.

Assignments: Assignments will be given each day and will be discussed that day or the following school day. There will be homework checks that will be worth 5 points each. I want you to take responsibility for your learning by being diligent in completing your assignments. Late assignments are accepted with teacher approval only. School policy will be followed concerning school related and excused absences. It is your responsibility to ask for and complete all make-up work in the appropriate time frame. Assignments need to be completed in pencil and will be graded on completeness, showing your work when solving the problems, and the neatness of writing, pictures and graphs. Homework needs to have work shown in order to receive full credit!!

Quizzes and Tests: Quizzes average 30-40 points each. You will be allowed to use your notes on most quizzes; however, notes must be in your spiral. If you are absent (excused) for a quiz, you will receive the same percent for the quiz as you earn on the unit test. There are no re-takes for quizzes.

Tests will be worth approximately 100 points each. If you desire to improve a particular test score, you will have one week from the return of your corrected test to schedule an appointment with me. Only those students who have turned in all required assignments will be eligible to schedule such a meeting. During this appointment I will expect you to show me your test corrections, explain to me what you missed, and be ready to work a similar problem correctly (I will provide the similar problem). If you score below a 70%, I will expect you to conference with me and then retake the test.

There will be NO sharing of equipment (calculators, protractors, etc.) during quizzes and tests, so be sure you have your supplies DAILY. If you know you are going to be absent for a test or quiz, you may check if taking it early is an option.

Tardy Policy
1st Tardy – Verbal warning to student
2nd Tardy – 10 minute lunch detention
3rd Tardy – Communication with parent(s) and student / 30 minute detention
4th Tardy -- Referral to student services

Electronic Device Policy
1st Offense -- Warning
2nd Offense – 15 minute detention
3rd Offense – Referral and written contract
4th Offense – Parent Meeting

It is my desire that all of you successfully complete this class. I will do my best to make this an obtainable goal for each of you. Please feel free to come in for assistance. I'm looking forward to a great year at CHS.

I have read these expectations. ________________________ _________________________
Student signature Parent signature

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