ImmunizationsThe annual immunization review will be submitted to Clackamas County by January 17.  To avoid the exclusion process, most students will need 5 DTaP, DT,Td, TdaP, 4 polio, Varicella of history of chickenpox disease, 2 Measles/Mumps/Rubella and 3 Hepatitis B.   For medical exemption a letter must be submitted signed by a licensed physician stating: Child's name, birth date, medical condition that contrindicates vaccine, list of vaccines contrindicated, approximate time until condition resolves, if applicable, the physician's name and contact information.
    For religious exemption, please request a brochure to read about potential risks and possible exclusion during a disease occurrence.  You may request specific immunizations for exemption.

    Please sign and date all information to be updated for your student.  Contact me at 503-266-0033 for questions.

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