Plate Tectonics ProjectThis is a group project that shows how plates interact with each other to cause geologic features and events. The details of the project include a large map and a paper as well as a presentation.
The scoring guide and checklist are included in the packet.

Predicting Plate MovementsTheory-of-Plate-Tectonics

Week 9 5/12 - 5/16Monday 5/12

Students completed the directed reading overview of plate tectonics.
Began talking about the different types of plate boundaries and what happens at those boundaries.
Theory of Plate Tectonics

Continental DriftHere is the resource for the continental drift ideas of Alfred Wegener.
On Solid Ground

Evidence for Continental Drift
Earth's Interior FoldableHere is so background information for each layer.

Eart's interior Information

Here is the foldable project.

Earth Interior Foldable
Week 8 5/5 - 5/9Monday 5/5

Students turned in there Engineering and Design projects (catapults) Today.

Began learning about earth's interior in anticipation of our unit on plate tectonics.

Tuesday 5/6

Students finished the earth interior foldable.

Wednesday 5/7

Students read about Alfred Wegener and his idea of continental drift.
Students later pieced together a world map based on the evidence Wegener used to support the idea that the Earth's land masses have moved over time.

Thursday 5/8

Students read chapter 4 section 3 on plate tectonics and Completed the directed reading overview of the section on plate tectonics.

Friday 5/9

Students watched the video: The Ring of Fire
Week 7 4/28 - 5/2Monday 4/28

Many students were testing their initial prototypes while others were still in the build mode.
All testing and redesign work must be done be Friday May 2nd.

Tuesday 4/29

Catapult Designing, Building, Testing

Wednesday 4/30

Catapult Designing, Building, Testing

Thursday 5/1

Catapult Designing, Building, Testing

Friday 5/2

Catapult Designing, Building, Testing
All testing needs to be complete.
Design packet due to me on Monday 5/5.
Catapult project
This is the project packet that has all of the requirements of the project.
Catapult Project

Here are some sites to try.

Lords and Ladies

Catapults 101

real world physics - catapults
Week 6 4/21 - 4/25Monday 4/21

Students were introduced to the engineering and design project we are going to be working on over the next few weeks. The project will be researching,designing, building and testing a catapult device to launch a ping pong ball to hit a target at 10 meters. Students will be doing the work in class and keeping all materials in class. They will be working in teams of 2-3 members but are responsible for their own record keeping and analysis.

Tuesday 4/22

Students will be working on the research portion of the project. Not only will they be doing research about the scientific principles necessary to design and build a catapult, they will also be researching designs and coming up with a design to use as they plan the process of building a catapult.

Wednesday 4/23

Students will have an opportunity to retake the Newton's Laws quiz today in class.
Students will continue to research and move forward with their catapult projects.

Thursday 4/24

Students should be designing and beginning to build their catapults.

Friday 4/25

Students should be building and testing their catapults.

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