Newton's 3 Laws quizStudents will be taking the Newton's 3 Laws quiz today in class.
I hope the email that I sent out was helpful to you and your student in preparing for the quiz.
Chapter 2 Newton's 3 Laws of MotionHere is some text support for for Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.
This might help with the review assignment.

Chapter 2 Newton's 3 Laws
Newton's Laws of Motion ReviewHere is a review for the upcoming test on Thursday.

Newton's Laws Review
Week 5 4/14 - 4/17Monday 4/14

Students completed the lab for Newton's 3rd law of motion.

Tuesday 4/15

Students began reviewing for their quiz Thursday 4/17 on Speed and Newtons Laws of Motion.

Wednesday 4/16

Students went over the answers to the review. Students were able to ask any questions concerning the test and we watched a video about Newton's three laws of motion as part of our review as well.

Thursday 4/17

Students took the quiz over Newton's three laws of motion. This assessment will not be included in the midterm grade that will be coming out next week.

Friday 4/18

No School for students. Teacher grade day.
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion Lab
Newton's 3rd Law Lab
Newton's Second Law LabHere is Newton's 2nd Law Lab.

Marble Motion Lab
Newton's 1st Law LabWednesday students began studying Newton's 1st Law.
This lab provides hands on examples of Newton's first law - The Law of Inertia.

Newtons 1st Law Lab
Week 4 4/7 - 4/11Monday 4/7

Today students must finish and turn in the Mini-Lab on Average speed. (See last week for the lab)
Student's who have completed the Mini-Lab will begin the Motion and Speed Lab. This is a more formal lab that closely models what students should be doing in the Inquiry Labs we have been doing all year. It is my hope that this lab will stand as a reminder as to how to complete a science inquiry.
The lab assignment can be down loaded from the Friday 4/4 posting.

Tuesday 4/8

Today students finished the motion and speed lab. It was to be turned in no later than Wednesday at the beginning of class.

Wednesday 4/9

Students began learning about Newton's first law. We did a series of short experiments that illustrate how Newton's 1st law works.

Thursday 4/10

Students began learning about Newton's 2nd law. We began collecting data on the experiment and plan to finish the lab on Friday.

Friday 4/11

Students finished graphing and answering questions about Newton's second law.

Motion and Speed LabThis is the Motion and Speed Lab.
Some students got started on this lab today.

Motion and Speed Lab
Average Speed Mini - LabHere is the mini lab students worked on today.

Average Speed Mini- Lab
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