Homework - Science reviewHere is a copy of the email I sent home today in regards to your student's homework.
There is a correction on the tools page 2 of the homework. The picture for a test tube is actually a picture of the test tube clamp and the test tube clamp is the picture of the test tube (the images got flipped).

Dear Parents,

This email is to inform you of many things happening in Science class.

1. Today’s homework is a review assignment.The assignment covers science safety, science tools or equipment, and metric measurement. This assignment is due on Tuesday, September 16th.

2. Your student will have a test over science safety, science tools and metric measurements on Wednesday, September 17th. Your student can study for the exam by using the review (tonight’s homework), flash cards from last week, and the lab activities that we have done leading up to the test. See my blog for the labs and assignments that student’s have been working on.

3. Please keep checking your student’s planner as this is a great daily communication between school and home. Your student should be writing meaningful information in the planner daily.

Thanks again for all of the support. The positive feedback has been tremendous.

Scott Harms
Science Teacher BPMS

Here is a link to the assignment

Measurement LabsHere are the links to the measurement labs we have done in class.

Length Length Lab 2014

Volume Volume Lab 2014

Mass Mass Lab 2014
Science Homework - Science tools FlashcardsHere is the link to the science tools with their names and functions.


Here are the picture to use to make the flashcards.

Science tools for flashcards
Science Lab ToolsHere is Fridays presentation, Worksheet and answer key for those of you who missed it.

Science Lab Equipment presentation


Science Safety RulesHere is a copy of the Science Safety Rules.

Things from Week 1Here are some things from the first week of Science class.

Safety Contract - Spanish

Safety Contract - English

7th grade Science Syllabus
Welcome to 7th Grade ScienceWelcome to 7th Grade Science class.
This first week will be very busy as we are learning a variety of schedules and procedures.
This will be a huge adjustment for all of us.
My goal through all of this is to make the transition from Elementary School to Middle School go as smoothly as possible. My expectations will be clear, and fair. I know that our expectations for each students may be higher than in previous years, however, I know your student will rise to the challenge.

So Welcome, let's have a great year in Science.
Mr. Scott Harms
  • Science email: harmss@canby.k12.or.us Phone: 503-263-7170 ext.
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