Geology - Plate TectonicsHere is Chapter 4 in the Earth Materials and Processes book.
You can take your Cornell Notes from Section 1 and 2 on Continental drift and Sea Floor Spreading.

Ecology - Chapter 2 The Non-Living EnvironmentHere is a link to Chapter 2 The Non-Living Environment

Ecology-Chapter-2 The Non-Living Environment
Online GraphingHere are some links to online graphing tools.

Create a Graph

Online Charts/Graphs

Bar graph Maker
Ecology - Chapter 1 Interaction of LifeHere is Chapter 1 of our Ecology text.
We are using the SQ3R reading technique to read this for information.

Interactions of Life

On the January 26th we began reading the first section of this chapter using the SQ3R reading system.
Chemical and Physical ChangesHere are some links to some science games related to chemical and physical changes.


Atoms and Elements Quiz ReviewThis review also covers information that WILL NOT be tested over like molecules, compounds, and mixtures.
I hope this gives some support for parents and students alike.
Element BrochureHere are some links to help with the element reserch


Famous Scientist Research PaperLook to the previous blog entry for how to cite sources from the internet and other sources using the MLA format. This is one of the most common formats for citing student research.

Here is the assignment that I mentioned in the email.

Here is an example of how the paper should look.
Homework - MLA Citation WorksheetToday, students received an MLA Citations Worksheet.
We talked in class about plagiarism and academic honesty when writing reports.
They also received a guide to help them as they are learning how to make proper citations.
The homework is due on Tuesday 9/30/14. Many students did get a head start in class today.


Homework - Journal Covers - ExamplesThis is the email I sent home today.

I have asked students to decorate their Science Journals. The rules below are to assist your student with how this is to be done. I want this to be a fun and creative way to get their names and periods on the journals but also a way to learn somethings about your students. I have put some examples on my blog for a reference. This assignment is not due until Friday 9/26/14

Decorating Rules for Science Journals

1. Name and Period on sticky label in the upper right hand corner.
2. Cut out pictures and words that are appropriate for school.
3. Pictures and words should have something to do with you or Science.
4. With a glue stick, glue the pictures into a collage on the cover of your composition book.
5. You can make original art work. Cut it out and paste it onto the composition book.
6. Be creative.

This assignment is not due until Friday 9/26/2014

Here are the examples

Example 1
Example 2
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