Strategic LA IB4/8/13: This week: Read choice novel in class. We are celebrating April as National Poetry Month! Continue discussing Poets Maya Angelou and Desmond Egan and listening/reading Imagine Dragons song lyrics. What is metaphor and what is simile? Continue drafting name essay and asking and answering what are metaphors and similes for my own name.
English I B3/5/13: Finish reading and discussing Act III of R & J. Define/identify: aside, soliloquy, and monologue. Act III quiz and vocabulary quiz on Wednesday. Sonnet project is due Thursday. Work diligently on paraphrasing your sonnet.
American Lit. B3/5/13: Continue with modernism short stories this week. Turn in quotes and themes written discussion. The Grapes of Wrath group presentations Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring red textbooks to class everyday.
American Literature B2/13/13: Compare and contrast Tom Joad--Mumford and Sons and Springsteen lyrics. Group discussion-setting, motifs, themes, symbolism, etc. Continue to adhere to reading schedule for The Grapes of Wrath: 3-day weekend to catch up.
Due today: direct/indirect character quotes. Due Thursday: 1-12 discussion questions. Due Friday: 13-19 discussion questions.
American Lit. B1/30/13: Turn in Modernism Writer Collage. Continue discussion on T.S. Eliot and "The Love Song...." and Imagism. Modernism and Imagism quiz on Thursday. Three original Imagist poems due Friday.
English I B1/30/13: Check persuasive outline and continue to draft paragraphs. Writer's wkshp today and tomorrow. Final, typed persuasive draft is due this Friday.
American Literature B1/17/13: Finish Paul Lawrence Dunbar discussion and homework/turn in. "I Wear the Mask" poem is due Friday. Continue Mark Twain notes and read "Jumping Frog" story.
English I B1/17/13: Turn in Animal Farm test and essay. Discuss AF literature terms/hand in. Brainstorm Persuasive topics and writer's workshop.
American Literature B1/9/13: Continue reading and analyzing Civil War diaries. Discussion questions due Thursday and Friday. Human rights paper and article due Friday. Vocabulary quiz on Monday.
English I A1/9/13: Discuss Animal Farm, chapter 7. Turn in 5-7 chapter questions and graphic organizer. Read/discuss chapter 8. Vocabulary quiz this Friday. Review guidelines for AF storyboard, due Wednesday, January 16.
English I A12/4/12: Continue with in-class essay--due at the end of class today. Review for Wednesday or Thursday final!
English I A11/28/12: Turn in all Odyssey Part I text questions. Part I quiz today in class with short essay and continue reading Part II. Due Thursday: Graphic organizer and Journey Map--label locations, descriptions, and text analysis. Continue to think about modern-day hero/leader and fall of a modern-day hero/leader. What are piety, hubris, guile, courage, and compassionate, and how do the terms apply to Odysseus? Due Friday: Part II questions.
English I A11/5/12: Thank you for turning in your "perfect binder" last week. Continue to work diligently on in-class assignments and place them in your binder until the end of the trimester. Today - Wednesday: Writer's workshop and complete paragraph (based on four topics about your decade) and works cited checklists for your research paper. Final typed draft is due Thursday, November 8. Bring green textbooks to class on Wednesday, November 7.
English I A10/30/12--Great job researching last week. Continue to adhere to "yellow" deadline schedule that went home. Quick final source card check and outline check today, Tuesday. We will continue to revise intro paragraphs and conclusions this week. Today through Friday--Writer's workshop, topic sentences, and citations. Works cited page due tomorrow, Wednesday. Also due Wednesday--Final narrative revision.
English I A 10/8/12: Freshmen Mapping today--Thank you so much to our counselors! Turn in all "The Necklace" homework.
Tuesday--Review present/past participle phrases, "The Necklace" vocabulary, "The Necklace" quiz and vocabulary quiz in class.
English I A10/4/12: Thank you for your final typed narratives--turned in on Wednesday. Re-writes due next week. Today--finish discussing "The Necklace" and complete all questions on p.541 and two-sided pink sheet. Friday--group work in class--discuss foreshadowing, mood, symbolism, and three types of irony--groups teach the class and give examples.
English I A10/1/12: Discuss "The Scarlet Ibis," turn in homework, and complete quiz. Narrative typed final draft due Wednesday. Revise! Revise! Count words in simple sentences and re-write using participle phrases, beginning, middle, and end branches. Tuesday--more writer's workshop and begin "The Necklace."
English I A9/27/12: Writer's wkshp today--"show, don't tell" and add/include sensory detail in your revision (use five senses). Narrative rough draft due tomorrow. Typed final, MLA-style draft due Wednesday, October 3. Finish "The Scarlet Ibis" and focus on first-person point of view and symbolism.
English I A9/24/12: Hello, students! Review vocabulary list for "Interlopers" story--quiz Friday this week. Quiz on story today and continue lit. terms chart. Story questions and two-sided worksheet due today. Brainstorm tonight THREE possible narrative topics--remember it's NOT about how big the story is...the art of storytelling and narrative writing is HOW you tell the story. Writer's workshop tomorrow, Tuesday in class.
English I AQuiz Thursday on "The Cask" story. Turn in literature terms assignment. Continue to fill out literature terms graphic organizer and focus on internal and external conflict for Saki story. Questions to ponder: What is a generational family feud? How does one overcome various conflicts? When does one realize what's important in life? What needs to happen?
2013 / 2014 Canby High School
  • Late Work Policy Tri 1 2013/2014
    TWO assignments may be turned in late this term with no penalty. The assignments must be turned in ONE DAY after the original due date. Poorly done summative work turned in late will receive no credit. You will need to make plans to work in the Language Arts Lab to achieve proficiency.
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  • NO More Late Work
    June 6th was the LAST DAY for seniors to turn in late work. June 10th was the LAST DAY for freshman, sophomore, and junior students to turn in late work. Contact me personally if you need to communicate about this. Thanks, and finish strong!
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