LA/ History Block Week of April 13- 17, 2015We have been working the last 10 class day on the causes of the Civil War. You may be looking Monday on Parent View to see scores on their North and South essay due last Tuesday. Some are already recorded.

    This week we will have a test on Wednesday; the notes from Chapter 17 and movie notes will be the source of the test questions. Encourage reviewing and studying these notes Monday and Tuesday evening.

    Have a good week.
    Kathy Gibbs- History
      LA/ History Block Week of April 13- 20, 2015STATE TESTING BEGINS ON MONDAY

      Hello All,

      Our turn for Language Arts state testing is starting on Monday April 14th. This first test requires a group activity and introduction that will take place fourth period Monday. It is very important that your child is present for this activity to give your child a good start and advantage on this test. Students only have a 10 day window to complete this first test. Attendance is important.

      Encourage your child to get plenty of rest over the next few weeks. Our class will be testing one period a day for two weeks, if we need this time. Language Arts has three tests to complete in this time. Please encourage your child to do their best.

      Thank you for all your support,

      Kathy Gibbs
        LA/ History Block - Week of April 1, 2015This week we have started research for a paper we willl be writing in class about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. In your child's binder you should find a blue article and a yellow sheet to take notes on and record information for a bibliography page. Next week we will add to these materials with another article and some video clips. From our notes we will write a five paragraph essay.

        On Wednesday, April 8th,we will have a vocabulary test on Ch. 12 words. Below is the list. encourage your child to study at home.

        Ch. 12 Vocabulary List

        artificial Made to imitate

        complicate To make difficult by adding or involving many parts or details; make complex

        conscience A sense of what is right or wrong in one’s behavior

        counsel To give advice or guidance to; advise

        detect To notice; discover that something exists or is present

        frequency The rate at which something occurs; how often something happens

        represent To act or speak for

        temporary Lasting or serving for a limited time only; not permanent

        transparent Allowing light to pass through so that objects on the other side can be seen

        triumph An outstanding or very satisfying success; victory
          U. S. History, week of April 1, 2015This week we are focusing on causes of the Civil War. Students have been reading Ch.16 and taking notes on the differences between the North and South. Next week they will uses these notes to write an essay. The directions are below. The essay will be due on Tuesday.

          Essay - Life in the Northern and Southern States

          Directions-Use your notes from reading about the North on pages 516-520 and the South on pages 527-531.

          Write an essay that compares and contrasts the lives of Northerners and Southerners in America between 1820-1860.

          Compare= how things are similar (the same)

          Contrast= How they are different

          You will need to include at least four examples from each region in your essay.

          Please proofread before you turn this in.

          Staple your notes to the back of your essay and turn them in.

          You will be graded on Ideas and Content-Do you include facts and supporting details.

          You will be graded on Conventions-Do use correct grammar, capitalize proper names, transitions and correct punctuation.
            U. S. History, week of March 16- 20, 2015Today we went to the computer lab and registered for Canby High School classes for next year. If you have not talked with your student about their choices, you may log on with them and review their choices and make changes until this Thursday, March 19th. Your student knows how to access this through Student View.

            Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be getting directions and seeing examples of Trimester three projects. This term the projects are more open ended. The goal is for students to find something that interest them, research it and them create a project that can teach the rest of the class about this topic. This project will be due Thursday, May 21, 2015. This project should represent eight hours of work outside of class time. Below are the directions.

            History Project
            This project is an opportunity to meet the district Historical Thinking Standard: Use multiple perspectives, primary sources, context, and reasoning skills to understand the significance of events, people, ideas and institutions pertaining to U.S. History (8.6, 8.7, 8.8, 8.9, 8.18).

            Select a topic that is connected to U.S. History. Some examples could be:
            people--explorers, presidents, inventors, military leaders, people who brought about change...
            events--wars, purchases, Oregon Trail, gold rush, various migrations,peace program, civil rights, slavery, cultural change...
            inventions--bridges, skyscrapers, roads, electronics, machines, steam engine, dams...

            Research your topic
            --using books, reference books, magazines, journals, web sites, interviews, documentaries/TV programs, textbooks...

            Use at least TWO SOURCES, and include them in a proper bibliography.

            Make your project
            --show me that you learned something. Ways that you can do this include reports, videos, posters, models, movies, web pages, news cast, dioramas...

            MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE SOME PERSONAL REFLECTION--write about what YOU learned, what this means to YOU, what YOU think about it...
            This should be half a page typed, double spaced, size 12 font.

            Each report must include the following:
            visual examples of your topic.
            information you have researched on the topic and put in your own words, written, spoken or on video.
            reflection- Typed on paper and turned in, write about what YOU learned, what this means to YOU, what YOU think about it...
            Formal bibliography of sources used both for information and any pictures used.
   is very helpful in making formal MLA bibliographies

            This report will be worth 80 points; 30 for the refection, title, name, period, and bibliography. Also 50 points for the project itself. Your project should represent about eight hours of work outside of school over the next eight+ weeks. You should be able to clearly understand your topic, and be able to present your information to the class for two to four minutes.

            DUE DATE:__5_/__21_/__15_
            Trimester Project Grade Sheet
            2 pts. _____ Title
            3 pts. _____ Name, Period
            5 pts. _____ Biography
            15 pts._____ Visual Examples
            35 pts._____ Information
            20 pts._____ Reflection
            80 pts._____ Total
            _____ Grade
            25 pts. _____ Present to the class
              LA/ History Block Week of March 16- 20, 2015Today we went to the computer lab and registered for Canby High School classes for next year. If you have not talked with your student about their choices, you may log on with them and review their choices and make changes until this Thursday, March 19th. Your student knows how to access this through student view.

              This Wednesday we will be having a vocabulary test on Ch. 11 terms. Study at home.

              Ch. 11 Vocabulary

              assume To suppose to be true; taken for granted
              conscious Aware (of something); noticing ( that something is or was happening or existing)
              external Outer; located outside
              incredible Unbelievable; amazing; extraodinary
              internal Inner; located inside
              maximum Most; highest; largest
              protest To complain; express dissatisfaction
              remedy A cure; something that heals
              spectacle A surprising or unusual sight; a public display or scene
              verdict A decision or judgement
                LA/ History Block week of Feb. 23, 2015We had a great experience on our field trip to Portland State University and Powell's Book Store. Students picked out books for our classroom library. These books were paid for by a generous grant given to us by the Canby Education Foundation. Ask your children about their experience.
                Mrs. Gibbs
                  U. S. History, weeks of Feb. 23, and March 2, 2015FINALS ARE COMING!

                  Periods 1 & 3 will have their history final on Thursday, March 5th. Period 2 students will have their history final on Friday, March 6th. Below are some study materials that were handed out today. Students should be studying at home for these tests.

                  Mrs. Gibbs- Baker Prairie


                  tribute- Payment paid to to group for protection
                  impressment- Sailors taken off their ship and made to work on another against their will
                  alien- Foreigner living in the United States
                  sedition- to act or speak out against the government to cause unrest
                  Barbary Coast- North African coast where pirates lived
                  deport- send a foreigner out of the country
                  Francis Scott Key- Author of the national Anthem
                  blockade- close off a port; nothing in or out
                  War Hawks- people who urge for war (with Britain)

                  Ch. 11 Test Review- Know this and you will do well.

                  - river flowing through New Orleans
                  - U. S. buy the Louisiana Territory from whom
                  - fears Jefferson had about Napoleon controlling the Louisiana
                  -Louisiana Purchase ________________ the size of the U. S.
                  -Louisiana Purchase cost
                  -Lewis and Clark Expedition route followed to the Pacific
                  -Jefferson’s instructions of what -Lewis and Clark should do and to find out about on the expedition
                  -Lewis and Clark journals
                  -result of the War with Tripoli (pirates)
                  -War of 1812. a. causes b. be a to write a paragraph about the events / battles /results of war
                  -Star Spangled Banner

                  -Vocabulary terms- tribute, impressment, alien, sedition, Barbary Coast, deport, blockade, war hawks
                    LA/ History Block - Week of Feb. 9, 2015Study for Chapter 10 Vocabulary test; it is tomorrow, Wednesday. Also If your child has not turned in their permission slip for next Monday's field trip to Portland State and Powell's Books, please help them get this turned in right away.

                    Thank you,
                    Mrs. Gibbs

                    Ch. 10 Vocabulary

                    accustomed - In the habit of; used to

                    anticipate - To expect; foresee

                    linger - To delay leaving; remain, especially as if unwilling to leave

                    miserable - Very unhappy or uncomfortable

                    misinterpret - To understand incorrectly

                    occur - To happen: take place

                    particular - Specific; separate and distinct; single

                    reluctant- Unwilling; wanting not to do something

                    revise - To change in order to improve or to include new information

                    version - One form of a basic story, song, or program
                      LA/ History Block - Week of Feb. 9, 2015We are going on a field trip!
                      As I hope you know, our class will be going on a field trip to Portland State University and Powell's Book Store on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015. Students should have brought home a permission slip. This needs to be returned right away with one dollar for our ride on the Portland Trolley. This should be a great day. Please help your student be ready by signing the slip and reminding your child to return it.
                      Thank you,
                      Mrs. Gibbs
                      Mrs. Kathy Gibbs
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