LA/ History Block - Week of Dec. 8, 2014This week we are starting Ch. 7 vocabulary. We will have the test on these ten words on Wednesday, Dec. 17. Please help your student study these words and their meaning.
    Have a good week.
    Mrs. Gibbs

    Ch. 7 Vocabulary

    abrupt- Sudden and unexpected
    astonish- To surprise greatly; amaze
    classify- To arrange or organize into groups or types; place in a category
    complex- Not simple; not easy to understand or figure out
    consent- To agree to something
    eager- Looking forward to with great interest or desire
    endure- To put up with; bear patiently
    exclaim- To speak or cry out suddenly, as from strong feelings or surprise
    horizontal- Lying flat; lying or extending from side to side ( as opposed to going up and down)
    recollect- To remember; bring an image or idea back to mind
      U. S. History, week of Dec.1, 2014This week we will be working through Ch. 9 sections 1-3. This covers the problems with the Articles of Confederation and the debates that lead to our Constitution. We will be taking notes in class.

      On Tuesday we will be spending the class period in the library selecting the historical fiction book to read for their Trimester Two Project. Below you will find the requirements for this project. The project is due Feb. 12, 2015.

      Historical Fiction Book Report Requirements

      After reading your historical fiction book, write a two to two and one-half (2-2.5) page book report. Your report should be typed, 12 point size font, and double spaced. In your report, be sure to discuss the following:

      Reference: Title, author, copyright (Year printed, found on the back side of title page)

      Summary: Your own words, Summarize the book in paragraph form, about a page.

      What makes this book historical: Things you listed on your book mark (e.g. dates, candlelight, no running water, clothes, rules of behavior, transportation, historical events/references, old words phrases, prices, etc.) About a half page or so, in sentences and paragraphs; NOT a list!

      Your reaction/response: Did you like it? Why/why not? Has it changed your attitude/opinion? Did it make you think about something, and if so, about what? Again, about a half page or so in paragraph form.

      Keep in Mind- The quality of your writing maters. I expect well organized paragraphs, with correct spelling and punctuation. This is 10 points of your grade.

      Due: 2/_12_/_15
      Historical Fiction Book Project Grade sheet
      ___ 2 pts. Your Name
      ___ 2 pts. Title
      ___ 2 pts. Author
      ___ 2 pts. Copyright
      ___ 2 pts. Typed Size 12 Font
      ___ 30 pts. Summary one page
      ___ 15 pts. Historical examples paragraph
      ___ 15 pts. Your reaction paragraph
      ___ 10 Conventions (grammar, spelling, capitals etc)
      ___ 80 pts. Total
      ___ Grade
        LA/ History Block week of Dec. 1, 2014 Chapter 6 Vocabulary
        This week the students will be working on the Ch. 6 vocabulary words. The test for these words will be on Friday.

        Ch. 6 Vocabulary

        objection - A dislike; feeling of being against something; disapproving
        hesitate -To stop because of not being able to decide; put off acting because of feeling unsure
        deprive - To take away; keep from having or enjoying
        minimum - Smallest in size or amount that is allowed or possible; least
        maintain - To continue; carry on; keep in existence
        current - Modern; existing now; in general use or practice today
        originate - To come into being; start
        penalize - To punish; cause to suffer for doing something wrong
        advise -To give advice to; recomend
        reliable - Able to be depended upon

        For the next three weeks we will be reading in class "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" This is a short, humorous, classic story. Parts of the story will be read together, other portions will be read silently in class. This will give us practice in oral reading fluency and comprehension. Students will be completing comprehension for each of the seven chapters.
          LA/ History Block - Week of November 10, 2014Here are this weeks vocabulary words from Chapter five. These words and terms will be part of our final to be taken on Thursday Nov. 13, 2014.

          Chapter 5 Vocabulary

          aggravate- to make worse

          cease-To stop; discontinue; quit

          coincide- To happen at the same time

          considerable- Rather great; rather large

          humane- Kind; sympathetic; merciful; gentle

          intentional- Done on purpose;planned

          interference- The act of getting in the way of something; meddling in someone else’s business; something that gets in the way

          obnoxious- Very unpleasent;distasteful; disgusting

          unstable- Unsteady; wobbly; not reliable

          utlize- To make use of; put to use, especially a good use
            U.S. History Week of Nov. 10thNext Thursday or Friday students will be having a trimester final in history. This test will cover Chapter 8 in our textbook, The American Revolution. Here are the topics that need to be reviewed. We are making flash cards about these items as this week moves along.

            CH 8 Test Review
            Vocabulary: Know these-
            Common Sense-
            Red Coats

            People: Know these-
            Nathan Hale
            George Washington
            von Steuben
            Marquis de Lafayette
            George Rogers Clark
            John Paul Jones
            Frances Marion
            African Americans in the War
            Women and the War-
            Thomas Jefferson
            Benedict Arnold

            -Know two advantages and disadvantages the American and British armies had at the start of the war
            Battle of Lexington and Concord-Know why the British go to Lexington and Concord, What happens as the British go back to Boston?
            Declaration of independence- Who wrote it? When was it signed? Why is this date important? What was the main idea it stated? Who did we send it to?
            Battle of Saratoga- Why was this the turning point of the war? Treaty of Alliance
            Valley Forge- List four problems the American Army faced during the Winter of 1777-78
            Battle of Yorktown-What is the strategy and result?
            Treaty of Paris- What are the boundaries of the U.S., Canada and other countries in North America after the treaty?
              LA/ History BlockCh. 4 Vocabulary Test Friday Oct. 31st

              This week we are starting a new book on colonial life and the American Revolution. We are already on page 24!

              Friday we will have a test on these vocabulary words below. Please help your student practice these.

              Ch. 4 Vocabulary List
              abundant- Very plentiful; more than enough
              betray- To be disloyal to; turn against
              comparison- The act of checking or judging how two or more things are alike or different
              demonstrate- To explain or teach by showing
              dispute- An argument; a quarrel
              distinct- Clear; obvious; easy to see or notice
              exaggerate- To say thatsomething is larger or greater than it really is; overstated
              inhabit- To live in
              neutral- not taking sides in a quarrel
              reduction- A decrease; cutback
                U. S. HistoryMap Test Tuesday
                Students in history class have a map test Tuesday locating the following places:

                Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean
                Gulf of Mexico Lake Superior
                Lake Michigan Lake Huron
                Lake Erie Lake Ontario
                Great Salt Lake Ohio River
                Mississippi River Missouri River
                Colorado River(Colorado) Snake River
                Columbia River Appalachian Mountains
                Rocky Mountains Cascade Mountains
                Great Plains Willamette River ( Not shown in your Book)
                Platte River Rio Grande River
                  U. S. HistoryThis week students should have their biography book finished. They should be working on the rough draft of their two page typed, double spaced report. below is another copy of the directions given in September.

                  Biography Requirements Book:
                  Choose a biography about a person dealing with U.S. history. The person may
                  be from any time period, but should somehow link to U.S. history. The person
                  may be famous, or not too well known. Please pick a book at your reading level.
                  Read a biography of a person connected to U.S. history, and write a two
                  page report on the book. Final copy should be typed, size 12 font, double spaced, and
                  all of the items below:
                  Title of the book, author, and the person the book is about.
                  Write about a one page summary of your book. Give important details about the person--time period, location, interesting events in the person’s life. Be careful not to get too bogged down with details--keep it brief! Again, about a page.
                  Do you get a sense of what kind of person your subject was? What
                  do you think about your person, and why? About half a page.

                  Quote and Citation:
                  Pick an interesting sentence or two from the book. Write it and cite it correctly (see example below). Then, explain how this quote impacts you? What do you think about, can you relate to it? About half a page.
                  The quote (in quotation marks), author’s last name and page number of the book in parentheses. No comma between these two.
                  For example: “This was the famous blood-eagle--an arrangement of death that the Vikings thought amusing.” (Rutherford 306).

                  Title ____/1
                  Author ____/1
                  Topic ____/1
                  Typed ____/1
                  Double spaced ____/1
                  12 font ____/1
                  Quote ____/2
                  Citation ____/2
                  Summary P ____/30
                  Opinion P ____/15
                  Quote P ____/15
                  Total ____/70
                  Grade ____
                  DUE __11_/_6__/_14__
                    LA/ History Block - Week of Oct. 20
                    Students will be working on reading and inference skills in Language Arts. In history we will be finding out some of the causes of the American Revolution, such as the Boston Tea Party. Tuesday we will be seeing a movie and takiing notes. Tuesday night ask your student what they found out. Students should be reading at home this week for practice.

                    Have a good week.

                    Mrs. Gibbs
                      LA/ History Test Oct. 8thVocabulary Test Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014
                      Students will be having a test on Ch. 2 vocabulary.

                      If you would help your student practice these terms, that would be great.

                      Ch. 2 Vocabulary List

                      analyze - To examine carefully; study closely

                      attitude - A point of view; state of mind; way of thinking or feeling

                      category - A group of people or things having something in common; type

                      contrast - An obvious difference

                      critical - Disapproving; tending to find fault

                      deliberate - Done on purpose; carefully planned

                      excessive - Too much; more than is reasonable

                      fragile - Easily broken or damaged

                      frustration - A feeling of bad luck and helplessness that comes from bad luck, defeat, or failure; disappointment

                      indicate - To show; serve as a sign or signal
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