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Genuine QuestionsWhat are Genuine Questions?

Here are some REAL questions to ask when working on a mathematical task, in no particular order:


1. What is this task asking me to find?

2. What math ideas or concepts is this task asking me to think about? What do I already know about these concepts?

3. What tools will help me? (manipulatives, sketches, calculator, dictionary, journal, etc.)

4. What information is important and what is not important? How can the information be organized?

5. What math concepts already familiar to me can I use in this situation?

6. Which math ideas explored in class can I use?

7. What else do I need know in order to think about this task?

8. What additional questions do I have? Exactly what part of this task is confusing to me? Where or from whom can I get my questions answered?

9. What strategy or plan do I have? Why have I chosen this strategy? Does it make sense?


10. How do I know my solution is accurate? Is there a different way to solve the task?

11. Have I communicated my thinking clearly and precisely? What else should be included?

12. Does my solution make sense? Why or why not?

13. Can I justify my thinking to others? Can I explain HOW and WHY? Do I understand my own reasoning?

14. Did I use math that fits the problem?

15. Have I used ideas explored in class?

16. Is this my best work? How can it be improved?


17. What conjectures or generalizations can I make? How will I test them?

18. Did I make some excellent mistakes? Did I have any A-HA! moments? Did I include my my mistakes and new insights?

19. What new learning have I gained from working on this task?

20. What kind of connections can I make to other math concepts?

21. How does this task apply to my life and the real world? Where is this kind of thinking useful?

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