8th Grade Promises AssemblyAckerman Middle School is offering an abstinence program for 8th grade students called "FACTS" and an abstinence drama called "Promises" which are both designed by Northwest Family Services. All of the materials and sessions are free and are part of a project funded in part by the Federal Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Programs. The FACTS classes provide students with the support and skills to help them to practice teen sexual abstinence. Research indicates that students are more frequently abstinent when they have support from their parents and peers and when they have a sense of their own goals. Components of the program are self-respect, friendship, dating, peer pressure, refusal skills, character development and sexuality.

    The 8th grade Promises Assembly is being held in the main gym at Ackerman on February 19th at 10:00a.m. Promises is a 40 minute youth drama production which presents the benefits of sexual abstinence for teens in an upbeat positive manner. These young people sensitively portray the dangers faced by sexually active teens, such as emotional consequnces, teen pregnancy, STIS (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV/AIDS. Positive modeling of effective ways for teens to manage sexual pressure is included as well as examples of healthy relationships.

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