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      The homework for Monday, February 26, is listed below.  In math, the students will need to complete handout 7-5 on division.  They must show their work.  They must also complete the 5 T-charts for math facts.  In spelling, they will complete pg. 80.  Remember to keep reading for the Book Fair.  The Simpson/Bishop reading group must complete question 1 for chapter 39 and questions 1 and 2 for chapter 40.
        The homework for February 21st is as follows: For math the students must complete 1-10 and 13,14,or 15 on handout 7-3.  They must show their work.  For science , they need to complete the joint worksheet, and in spelling complete the perimeter spelling activity.
        Kelly Bishop
        • Fourth Grade Knight Elementary School Teacher

        • In math the students have to complete multiples of 3 numbers 3-30 on pages 300 and 301 in math.  They must also complete the five T-charts for studying math facts.  In science they are to complete a bone name crossword puzzle.  The spelling test will be on Friday.
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