The party on the 14th at the end of the day was fun and a great success.  We had root beer floats, chips,and cookies.  The students traded cards and we played Bingo. A special thanks goes out to everyone who helped make it possible.
The students have homework in math on February 14th.  They need complete page 295 1-16 and complete two of the four problems on worksheet 5-7.  In the Simpson/Bishop reading class the students need to complete the character sheet on Mr. Z and finish reading chapter 27.
Here is the homework for next Monday and Tuesday.  In math the students will need to complete the even numbers on handout 5-9 on multiplying money.  They need to show their work. They will also have to complete handout 5-10. These will both be due Tuesday morning. Both nights they will have to complete 5 multiplication charts to review their math facts. This week's spelling words are: until, study, lucky, bucket, number, Sunday, sir, shirt, dirty, birthday, leaf, leak, leading, heating, scold, oldest, holding, and poster.  The assignment for Monday night will be handout 68. It is due Tuesday morning. They will also receive the ABC order sheet but it will not be due until Wedesday morning.  The students in Simpson/Bishop's reading class will have to identify the point of view of using chapter 24 and use 8 of this week's vocabulary words in a sentence.  

On Tuesday, the homework for math will be handout 5-11 on problem solving.  They will need to finish the ABC order sheet for spelling.  In Simpson/Bishop reading the assignment will be to finish the Detail sheet using chapter 25.
We have started the new year with some exciting units of study.  In math, we are currently working on multiplication and are multiplying mult-digit numbers by one number.  We are also continuing to work on mastering the basic math facts.  In science we have started a unit on the body systems and are currently learning about the skeletal system. At the end of this detailed unit we will be making our own health magazines including articles on the different body systems.  We have been writing imaginative stories during language arts.  These are coming along nicely and should be so fun to read when they are finished.  In social studies, Mr. Hammond has started studying explorers.
Kelly Bishop
  • Fourth Grade Knight Elementary School Teacher

  • In math the students have to complete multiples of 3 numbers 3-30 on pages 300 and 301 in math.  They must also complete the five T-charts for studying math facts.  In science they are to complete a bone name crossword puzzle.  The spelling test will be on Friday.
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