State Festival 2013 Packet
    Final Schedule!
    TomorrowCOSTUME MEASUREMENTS WITH BOBBI AND GAIL TOMORROW RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL (except for those excused who will have to schedule another time with Gail).

    For Rehearsal.....Ellie will be in, so ALL are called on stage at 4pm for some dance stuff. Take note, this is a change from the schedule!

    Becky will be in to work with John and whomever else she would like to see

    I am not in tomorrow!

    Contracts, contracts, contracts!!!!
    January Schedule
    Cast ListBecky, Ellie, and I stayed at school until 8.15pm tonight. You all made this a VERY hard process. Such talent!

    Here ya go...and many congrats!

    Minstrel - CODY
    Princess No. 12 - BETHANY
    Wizard – DUNCAN
    Lady Larken - EMILY
    Queen Aggravain – MALIA
    Prince Dauntless – PJ
    King Sextimus the Silent – MATT
    Jester – JOHN
    Sir Studley - JONAH
    Sir Luce - DEVIN
    Luce’s Lady - ALISSA
    1st Knight - KEVIN
    2nd Knight – IAN
    3rd Knight - DEVIN

    Lady Rowena - PAIGE
    Lady Merrill – MADDIE F
    Lady Lucille – HAILEY
    1st Lady – COLLYN
    2nd Lady – KARA
    3rd Lady – KAYLIN

    Sir Harry - JARED
    Kitchen Wench – CHRISTINA
    Princess Winnifred – MADDIE B.
    Lady Mabelle - CASEY
    Nightingale - TBD
    Sir Harold - JEFF
    Lady Beatrice - MAKIYA

    ENSEMBLE (Ladies-in-Waiting, Servants, Musicians, etc.)

    Please email with a "yay" or "nay" regarding your role in the show.
    Once Upon a Mattress Student/Parent Informational MeetingFor those who can make it, an informational meeting about the musical will be held Friday, December 7th in the choir room. This is mainly for people to ask any pertinent questions regarding script, schedules, auditions, etc. the meeting will be from 5pm-6pm. I will also hand out hard copies of the audition packet. Alternatively, you can download and audition packet from this blog (see previous post).
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