NCAA Eligibility InformationThe NCAA Eligibility Center recently launched a website specifically dedicated to educating students and parents about the new NCAA Division I eligibility standards for 2016 and beyond. Visit

NCAA Eligiblity Process

New Division 1 Requirements

NCAA Eligibiity Requirements

NCAA Approved CHS Core Courses

CHS Academic Planning GuideStudents are provided the CHS Academic Planning Guide in February or March to assist them in forecasting courses for the following year and provide information about credit requirements, college credit courses, graduation requirements, and more. The planning guide is linked below.

CHS Planning Guide '14-'15

CHS Freshmen Planning Guide '14-'15

Spanish Version

Freshmen Four Year Course PlansCounselors will present Four Year Course Planning Information to all freshmen students during freshmen English classes sometime within Trimester 1 & 2 of this school year.

Four Year Course Planning is important for the following reasons:

-To learn and plan for high school graduation requirements
-To learn and plan for college entry requirements
-To learn and plan for Honors Diploma and/or College Credit classes
-To meet State Of Oregon Graduation Requirements (as part of an Educational Plan & Profile)

Most of the information emphasized is from our CHS Academic Planning Guide

Students are shown the typical progression of academic classes through the following flowcharts:

English & Math Flowchart

Science & Social Studies Flowchart

The students course plan is started on a document called the MAPP (My Academic Plan & Profile), and then the MAPP is updated every year in high school, through 10th grade Future Focus Classes, and 11th and 12th grade Advisory Groups.

See the document here,

Updated MAPP (Page 1)

Updated MAPP (Page 2)

Updated MAPP (Page 3)

Updated MAPP (Page 4)
Further FAFSA DetailsDependent vs. Independent Student status

More info on Dependent vs. Independent

Who is my "parent"?

Loan Forgiveness for Public Service
FAFSA BasicsWe encourage ALL students to fill out the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is the gateway for all need-based financial aid. Students work with their parents to fill in the FAFSA online. Based on the information you provide, students can be awarded any combination of grants, loans and work study. Filling the FAFSA does NOT obligate you to take any of the aid offered--you can always refuse, but you never know what you'll get unless you file the FAFSA!

Here is a link to the FAFSA website. You can take a look any time, but you can't file the FAFSA until January 1st of the year you plan to start college. FAFSA

Do You Need Money for College?

What is a PIN & why do I need one?

What information do I need to file the FAFSA?

Steps to Financial Aid

General Financial Aid Information"Financial Aid" means any help with paying for college. Financial aid can be loans, grants, scholarship or work study programs. The best source of need-based financial aid is the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA). Below is some basic information about Financial Aid.

Here are a couple of videos on how to fill out the FAFSA.

This handout explains the different types of federal grants that students can access through FAFSA.

Here is a video explaining the Types of Federal Aid available.

This handout explains the federal student loan programs.

This handout addresses many myths about Financial Aid. Financial Aid Myths

This handout discusses Financial Aid Scams. Deceptive Financial Aid Offers

This handout addresses financial aid opportunities for non-citizens. Aid for Non-Citizens
Elks ScholarshipHere is the application for the Elks Teenager of the Month Scholarship. This is given by the Oregon City Elks Club. Applications must be submitted to the Elks Lodge in Oregon City.

Elks Teenager of the Month Scholarship Application
ACC Credits through Clackamas Community CollegeCanby High School offers many classes for dual credit- through both Canby High and Clackamas Community College. See the 2013-2014 list below. In order to get the CCC credit, you must register. Please use this link to get more information. Advanced College Credit Info

Canby High School

These college credits can be used at Clackamas Community College or transferred to
another college or university. These courses are offered at Canby High School:

Accounting II /BA111 /3 credits
Advanced Placement English /WR121, ENG104, ENG 106 /4 credits each
Children's Art & Literature /ED 150 /3 credits
Education & Human Dev. 1 /HDF 225 /3 credits
Education & Human Dev. 2 /HDF247 /3 credits
Equipment Maintenance & Repair /HOR 230 /3 credits
Floriculture II /HOR 232 /3 credits
Floriculture III /HOR 248 /3 credits
German III /GER 101, 102, 103 /4 credits each
Graphic Design 2 /ART 225 /3 credits
Health Occupations and Medical Terminology II /MA110 /3 credits
Landscaping (Fall) /HOR 224 /3 credits
Landscaping (Spring) /HOR123 /3 credits
Natural Resources /HOR211 /1 credit
Pre-Calculus /MTH 111, MTH 112 /5 credits each
AP Calculus /MTH 251, MTH 252 /5 credits each
Botany 2 /HOR 142, HOR 242 /3 credits each
Spanish III /SPN 101, 102, 103 /4 credits each
Teaching for Tomorrow 1 /ECE 150 /3 credits

National College Fair - PortlandThe National College Fair will be held in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center on Friday, November 1st 9am-Noon and Saturday, November 2nd 1pm-5pm.

For more information: National College Fairs
Oregon Careeer Information System (CIS)
Login for career assessment, scholarship and job information
Oregon Career Information System

Students complete assessments using the CIS during Future Focus class and Economics.
Career PathwaysHere is a good website for finding Community College Programs in Oregon, by Career Pathway.
Proficiency Based Credit[PBC Overview]

PBC Application Page 1

PBC Application Page 2